5 Easy Ideas to Simplify Gift-Giving and Decor

Now that capturing the moment has become so easy with the flood of smartphones and pocket-sized digital cameras available, we have more photos than ever before - hundreds of billions more each year, in fact. But how many of those photos just end up gathering digital dust? It seems to me we're sitting on a treasure trove of untapped resources! Up your game with these easy ... Read More

Cyber Monday: The Easy Way to Find the Best Deals

If you're like us, you love a little treasure hunting and finding the best deals, but you aren't necessarily fond of the frenzy that usually goes along with that during the holidays. Ever since Cyber Monday became a thing, we've opted to deal hunt from the comfort of our home, but with all the different offers going on across the vast landscape of the World Wide Web, it still ... Read More

Minimalist Office Must-Haves to Be Healthier & More Productive

I've been self-employed/working from home since 2005, and David has been since 2010. Over the years, we've had time to experiment with lots of different tools, equipment, and work habits. In becoming minimalist, we've narrowed it down to what we feel are the best and most helpful universal things for a healthier, more productive work life. Staying Healthy at Work How ... Read More

How to Find Your Personal Style for a Better Minimalist Wardrobe

It's easy for some people to throw outfits together and look great, but others of us have a harder time of it, even with a minimalist wardrobe. In this post I'm sharing why that is and how to understand your personal style so that you can look put together all the time with minimal effort. Part of my problem in the past was my practice of just "making do" with whatever was ... Read More

Personal Cloud Storage: The Simple Solution for Managing All Your Media in One Place

Have you ever tried to download a new app on your phone, only to realize that you're out of space? We have. Way too many times. It's annoying. Personal cloud storage is the best solution to keep you from having to look through your apps to see what you can get rid of, or delete cute pictures and video clips of your kids to make space. It also keeps you from having to ... Read More

We Found the Perfect Minimalist Vacuum!

As a minimalist family, we're always on the lookout for great multi-use products. Not only do we aspire to rid our lives of excess, but we also live in a small house, so it just makes sense. We were pretty excited when we discovered Hoover's 2-in-1 vacuum - it's a hand vac built into a regular stick vac. Except you can't really call this a "regular" vacuum - it's ... Read More

Ultimate Educational Toys Gift Guide that Kids Will Love Long-Term

If you're anything like us, you want to get your kids gifts they enjoy, but you definitely wouldn't mind if they also learned something - educational toys just give more bang for your buck. Every year I research ideas for my parents to get for the kids because my mom really appreciates it, I have a good idea of what the kids will really enjoy, and the educational and creative ... Read More

Awesome Clutter-Free Christmas Gift Idea! For Less Holiday Stress.

Are you tired of clutter? Here's an awesome clutter-free Christmas gift idea - a free printable Stress Less Gift Certificate! No matter how hard we try not to, minimalists can easily come off a little ungracious when it comes to receiving gifts, or trying not to accept more "stuff" into our lives. I like this similar idea of "one less gift", but felt like it could use ... Read More

How to Plan for the New Year – No Amount of Do-Overs Will Substitute a Do-Better

The holiday season can be crazy enough that you often sort of come to in the new year a bit bewildered and not quite sure how you got there. No one can deny that feeling like you need a week to recover probably isn't the most promising way to start out a new cycle. We attach a lot of importance to a new year - planting hope that somehow we'll be better, do better... but if ... Read More