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Behind the Scenes: Our Life Lately


Behind the Scenes: Meeting People from the Internet!

I’m trying to remember when I first met someone in person that I had gotten to know online. I really feel like we’ve been doing it for awhile, but I can’t remember before our big road trip of 2012 when we met a bunch of fellow bloggers over a 9 week span. Since then we’ve […]


Behind the Scenes: Men Should Kill Spiders & Bugs

I am a very resourceful and independent woman by nature. It’s a good thing I’m married, or I’d probably be one of those women that you can just tell has something to prove. The truth is, I’m MORE than happy to be a girl and take on some stereotypical characteristics. I don’t like killing spiders […]

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Making Room for Greatness in Your Productivity


September Favorites: Awesome Freezer Meals Tool

Hey guys, it’s already time for September favorites! I only remembered 2 this month because I forgot to write them down… If you regularly fill freezer bags for freezer meals, you definitely need this tool. Since I got the stainless steel rack at Aldi, I can’t link you to the exact same one (it’s by […]

A bulgur/lentil mix that makes a VERY inexpensive and versatile vegan meat substitute (no eggs!) for lots of healthy recipes. It is also excellent for freezer meals! | healthy recipe | fall recipe

Inexpensive Vegan Meat Substitutes for Yummy Freezer Meals

We buy very, very little meat. Growing up, I didn’t have a no meat diet, but it was close, and honestly, I find a lot of it rather gross. On top of that, it’s expensive – the main reason David didn’t fight our little-meat diet too much. Over the years, he even grew to somewhat […]

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