Becoming Minimalist Baby Steps: Get Rid of Manuals

For most people, becoming minimalist is a slow process. It's not necessarily that getting rid of stuff needs to take a long time, though it can. It's more that it's often a progressive change in mindset. It can be helpful to "test the waters" a bit with baby steps to see how you feel and how it affects your life. One super simple and easy step is to get rid of your ... Read More

How We Landed on the Perfect Fun Date Idea + CASH GIVEAWAY!

Are you ready for a fun date idea that is just the right mix of romantic, silly, adventurous, and yet chill? I dare say this is it. Did I mention it fits any budget?! I thought of doing a photo challenge date night a year or two ago, but never got around to it. When we finally decided to try it out, I Googled to see what had already been done, but couldn't find much and ... Read More

Packing tips : How to Pack Smarter for Organized Travel

One of the simplest things can quickly and needlessly make or break your travel experience. You might think I'm talking about bad food or bed bugs or a flat tire or something, but no. I'm talking about organization. Not the kind of organization that suffocates you with a strict schedule and flips out at the slightest deviation - nah, we are all about flexibility and going ... Read More

Behind the Scenes: Hello, Costa Rica, We Meet Again. Tico and Tina 2016 Costa Rica Trip

I've always been really awesome at keeping a diary. Not. But I still very much enjoy having little snippets to look back on when I do bother to write something, so I'm going to step up my game and try to keep some notes here at least once a month. You're welcome to snoop on our goings on or skip these altogether if snooping isn't your thing ;) We escaped the Midwest right ... Read More

How We Met a Crazy Goal Last Year: 2015 Passive Income Report

"Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it." (wikipedia) That sounds like something anyone would be happy to get friendly with. The most familiar and widespread forms of passive income are probably interest on a savings account (pretty abysmal these days), or money earned from a rental property. Not every source of ... Read More

Why You Should Do a 365 Project Even if They Suck

Who will you be 365 days from now? Charlie Tremendous Jones said "You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read." I would add to that - and except for the things you practice. A 365 project is a daunting challenge to accept because you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that no matter how fun it is, there are ... Read More

3 Reasons We Pay Our Kids for (Age Appropriate) Chores

When my friends and I first started having kids, there was a lot of judgment going around. Some of it was in the form of snide comments, some was discussed behind backs with other like-minded moms, and some was just in our own minds. We were young, and all trying to find our way in a new role that had no handbook. Moms have always had to deal with opinions and judgments, but ... Read More

A Creative Play Toy Your Husband Might Be Distracted By…

As minimalists, we're pretty selective about what toys we bring into our home. Let's face it, as parents we're also selective about what we'll have to pick up after... We try to mainly stick to toys that encourage creative play - stuff the kids can build with, tear down, and build something else. We're pretty familiar with all the usual options, so when we got the chance to ... Read More

Minimalist Holiday Decor (Stuff You Don’t Have to Store)

We've always kept decorating for the holidays really simple, even before our minimalist lifestyle. And when I say simple, I mean basically not at all. Decorating as a kid was always fun to me, but lost some of its magic as I got older. I think largely because it was kind of same old, same old. For a long time I haven't been paying much attention to seasons or even holidays ... Read More

Dancing is the Best Medicine (Right After Laughter)

If you're anything like me, exercise isn't your most favoritest thing... Laughing is one of my favorite things, however, and I'm a fan of finding fun ways to trick myself into exercise. That's what makes Just Dance a family favorite of ours - it gets your heart pumping and there are always plenty of laughs! We reviewed it last year and have enjoyed getting various family ... Read More