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We Dance to Our Own Beat

My love of “family dance parties” began in childhood, on random nights after supper. Mom was usually in the kitchen doing the dishes, but sometimes my dad pulled her into a spin, dip, kiss. That’s how I remember it, anyway.

More often, though, it would be my dad clowning around playing air trumpet or sashaying up a storm while my brothers and I jumped around and laughed. He was definitely the one who modeled to us that “it’s ok to dance to your own beat“!

This is something I really want to pass down to my children, so I think it’s pretty cool that we got a chance to try out Just Dance 2015, who partnered with Stomp Out Bullying to raise awareness for National Bullying Prevention Month.

One of our favorite family activities is playing Xbox 360 Kinect games, so marry that with dancing and we have a real winner. The added bonus is that you think you’re just having fun, but surprise! You’re also exercising :) I love tricking myself into doing things I know I should do but kind of hate.

Just Dance 2015 family fun

Just Dance 2015 has 40+ of today’s hottest hits and nostalgic throwback tunes, but our kids were most excited for “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and “What Does the Fox Say”, haha. Another cool part of the game is that it has karaoke built right in to sing along, which Maeve, our 7 year old, especially enjoys.

Just Dance 2015 family fun

I love that the game doesn’t track movement very strictly, so you don’t get discouraged that you can’t do it. Our 4 year old, Maverick, is at the stage where he stops wanting to play a game if he feels like he doesn’t have a chance of winning, but Just Dance awards stars, so it makes him feel good to get some even if he doesn’t get the most.

Just Dance 2015 family fun

I felt like a complete goon and like I couldn’t begin to keep up when we first started playing, but it was just fun doing something like that together so that it didn’t matter :) Since everyone looks equally “goonish” it really encourages you to let loose and not care.

And wow is there some wacky choreography! Our favorite is the Tetris song, LOL!!! Witness some of the crazy below – it was starting to get dark, and I can only imagine what people outside may have seen showcased in our big picture window, haha!

If you need a great gift idea, Just Dance 2015 is an excellent choice, and you can get it right here easy peasy + free 2-day shipping with Prime! Don’t even have to venture out of your cozy slippers ;)

Happy dance/exercising/family time!

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