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Truth is not dependent on your belief in it. Truth just is. ~ Tico&Tina | quote

Why Starting with Your Weltanschauung Boosts Your Clarity

I don’t profess to be a matchmaker, but there are a number of words in the English language that I strongly believe need to just tie the knot already. “World view” is worldview to me. You know what’s weird? No matter how you try to look it up in the dictionary – world view, world-view, worldview – it takes you to one definition, that really isn’t a definition at all: world-view [wurld-vyoo] noun 1. Weltanschauung. Weltanwhatnow?! is a German noun with an actual definition: “a … [Continue Reading...]

Find more by pursuing less... ~Tico&Tina | simplify, simplicity, simple living, minimalism

The Secret Shortcut to the Life You Want

You've suspected it all along, and you weren't completely wrong. There is a shortcut to the life you want - a secret that is hidden behind consumerism, buried under comparison, and covered up by an outdated view of success. I only wish we had understood this a decade sooner, but it took us that long to get to the point where we were so weary of busy and tired of average that we were just desperate enough to make the kind of "crazy" changes that needed to happen. Instead of chasing "more", … [Continue Reading...]

Your life is a garden, don't waste time cultivating weeds. ~Tico&Tina |, simplify, minimalism

Stop Wasting Energy Cultivating Weeds in Your Life

If your life was a garden, what type of garden would it be? A while ago we looked around and realized we weren't growing much of what we wanted in our life. There were small pops of color here and there, but the flowers were mostly buried and choked out by ugly, overbearing weeds. The frustrating thing about weeds is that they seem to grow so much easier than the types of plants we do want. Weeds pop up uninvited. Weeds sometimes masquerade as pretty flowers, but before you know it, … [Continue Reading...]

Tips, Tools, and Resources for Teaching Self-Control | Family Character Focus, Make Room for Greatness

Simplifying Parenting: Tips, Tools, & Resources to Teach Self-Control

There are many things we wish we did better as a family, and this year we decided to simplify our process by doing one Family Character Focus™ each month, instead of trying to haphazardly work on 20 things at a time. Our theory is that we’ll feel less crazy that way and make better progress. The goal of this focus is to arm you with resources to help you become a more self-controlled family in 1 month. There is no wrong way to do it – just look through the ideas and choose the things that fit … [Continue Reading...]

Simplify your digital life with personal cloud storage and automatic backup. Access your photos, videos, and files anytime, anywhere, even mobile. Also creates easy way get files from your computer to Instagram. Centralize your files in one location with lots of space. | minimalism, organization

How to Conquer Digital Chaos with Private Cloud Storage + Giveaway

From cameras to smart phones to e-readers, tablets, and computers, our lives are becoming ever more digital. In just digital photos alone, Americans take an estimated 105 billion a year. (source) If you have a hard time staying on top of it all in an orderly, efficient, and productive manner - you're not alone. But we finally found a way to conquer digital chaos with private cloud storage, and we're going to show you how! Digital chaos slowly (or quickly!) builds up over time. As we had … [Continue Reading...]