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5 Ways Embracing Limitation Will Set You Free

Human nature seems to desire to be free of limitation. And yet our humanness itself limits us.

Children long to be adults and “do whatever they want”. Until they grow up and realize that they merely exchanged their previous limitations for a new set.

Limitation motivates us to learn.

Babies learn to roll over, crawl, and walk because they want to do things that their immobility won’t allow.

Limitation increases thankfulness.

It’s an odd fact that thankfulness trends downward as excess trends upward.

Anyone with kids no doubt has observed this firsthand, as well as anyone who understands the law of diminishing returns.

When you have less, it opens your eyes to appreciate more.

Leo Babauta’s article at Zenhabits

Limitation decreases “paralysis by analysis” stress

As much as people think they want more options, the result tends to be confusion and increased difficulty with decision-making. American Mexican restaurants often cause this in me because I rarely know what I’m hungry for there. Their menus are usually small books, which I usually feel I have to read to make sure I’m not missing something. Give me a few options and I can make a quick and confident decision.

Limitation inspires innovation.

Limitation inspires innovation. ~Tico&Tina | 31 Days Exploring Minimalism | minimalist living, simple living

Contrary to conventional logic, wide open possibilities can be crippling to creativity. When you can do anything, it’s very difficult to know where to start and potentially equally as challenging to know when your objective is achieved. Our minds thrive on challenges. Limitations push us to find new ways of doing things.

Limitation aids focus.

Removing distractions enables us to focus on our objective. There are many, many very good things to do in life, but trying to do it all comes with the cost of not being great at anything.

In minimalist living, we embrace self-imposed limitations that encourage us to learn, be, do, and focus on what matters.

Recognizing the value of limitation frees us from a victim mentality; it opens our eyes to the benefits of voluntary limitation.

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