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Achieve FREEDOM even if you're too busy or broke.

Every situation is unique, but there's a one-size-fits-all process that can be applied to simplify anything.

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Ready to get unstuck?

Tired of spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere?

We were, until we discovered this 3-step process to take any area of life from barely surviving to thriving more each day.

Create more
in your life.

Create more
in your life.

Develop more
of what you want
in your life.

We all have a running list of things we hope to be or do "someday" rolling around in the back of our minds, taunting our subconscious with how much we're failing, or discouraging us by how impossible it seems.

Hey there, we're Tico & Tina!

Married 12 years, parents for 9, struggling to figure out our dreams and follow them while doing real, everyday life - we've been in the trenches long enough to get really overwhelmed and feel hopeless many times. Maybe you can relate?

Just a few things that have been on our "someday" list:

  • work together from home doing something we love
  • own a home with no debt
  • develop a simple income and not feel like we had to always scrimp on everything
  • be awesome at keeping our house in order
  • finally conquer eating healthy as a practical lifestyle
  • share hope & freedom with many people

It always felt like we just needed to figure out how to get MORE.

  • more money
  • more space
  • more time
  • more organization
  • more education
  • more self-discipline

That’s why, even when we started to accomplish some of our big goals that we thought would help (like working from home and owning our home debt free), we still felt like we were on the crazy train making no progress on the important things.

Because when is there really ever enough MORE?

We were so relieved to discover that it was so much more simple than we were making it.

What we really needed for the life we wanted, was less.

It’s almost ridiculously simple, yet very profound and life-changing for those who are ready…

Are you ready?

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