7 Stupid Reasons People Hold Onto Things They Don’t Need

We all know someone (or someones...) who just have a ton of stuff you know they never use, never will use, and yet can't seem to get rid of it. Pssst! We used to be those people... Our home was a complete mess more often than it was not, but we never really considered getting rid of things... clearly we just needed a bigger space! Then we moved from our 750sq ft apartment of ... Read More

How We Took the Month Off and Still Made Money Online

A few months ago we couldn't have afforded to take the month off, but last month it barely affected our passive income. Check out our Make Money Online page for more details about how we got started and tools we use. I don't know if this will have a ripple effect on April, but we know it was best for our family to take a step back for March. Here are March’s ... Read More

Costa Rica Adventures Part 4 – Costa Rican Wedding

This was the Costa Rican wedding week which meant tying up loose ends and a traditional serenade of the bride to be! We finally did a beach day, and boy was it a doozy! Helloooo sunburns and geckos on the ceiling :) But also super beautiful views! We made the trip in one day, because Costa Rica is a small country, and you can essentially make a day trip out of an Atlantic ... Read More

Costa Rica Adventures Part 3 – Downtown San Jose

Costa Rica Adventures Part 3 - Downtown San Jose and some other cool places. We took the kids on a bus to downtown San Jose and had a bit of fun, then went back the next day for a bit of a date. On the trip with the kids we went and ate at the Mercado Central which is known for good cheaper food. This was not the case this time around, the next day we made our rounds at way ... Read More

Costa Rica Adventures Part 2 – Exploring a Mountain

David forgot how old, er, young he was turning... The biggest reason for us going to Costa Rica at this time was David's cousin getting married. We had fun helping set up and enjoying a party for them. #together #simplivision #family in #CostaRica A photo posted by @ticoandtina on Feb 2, 2016 at 6:42pm PST We had a bit of a weird week and Maeve ... Read More

Costa Rica Adventures Part 1. Getting Settled

Costa Rica Adventures Part 1 Ugh. I'm not proud of myself for getting behind on the personal life updates that I wanted to do regularly this year. I had some technical difficulties that set me back and then we had some crazy travel scenarios and other family stuff, so now I'm gonna try to catch up! Our first weekend of Costa Rica adventures meant stocking up on groceries. ... Read More

Income Report: Google Analytics Tricks for a Better Blog

Blog earning is currently the biggest part of our passive online income generation, and this is a look into how that works plus some Google Analytics tricks. Check out our Make Money Online page for more details about how we got started and tools we use. By way of reminder, as of 2016 this is our main source of income and we have our personal monthly budget/goal set at ... Read More

16+ Things to Get Rid of to Reduce Kitchen Clutter

Kitchen clutter is one of the easiest things to get rid of ! Kitchens tend to have a lot of unnecessary duplicates. I suspect that dishwashers play a part in making us feel like we need multiples of things. Oh, that thing is dirty and in the dishwasher, thank goodness I can pull out one of my five extras. Only one of the reasons we hate choose not to have a dishwasher, but ... Read More

How to organize Your Living Room 11 Things to Get Rid Of

How to Organize Your Living Room and Office, these 11 things can go and you won't even notice! Since I've probably not been to your house, it's a bit difficult to tell where you keep stuff, so this is just kind of a guess - maybe you even have a "library", "den", "family room" or "study". 1. Getting Rid of Books It feels nice to have a book collection, it does. But we ... Read More

How to Declutter a Bedroom & Closet

It's tough to know how to declutter a bedroom since they are uniquely personal spaces let's take a stab at it and make your room a place you love to be . 1. Get Rid of Pillows Do you have decorative pillows that just get in the way? Maybe you have old pillows stashed in a closet somewhere that you never bothered to get rid of. We had a few randoms floating around our ... Read More