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40 Printable Mirror Cards/Bible Memory Verses on Speech and Communication | Family Character Focus™

Simplifying Parenting: Becoming a Family Who Communicates Well

There are many things we wish we did better as a family, and this year we decided to simplify our process by doing one Family Character Focus™ each month, instead of trying to haphazardly work on 20 things at a time. Our theory is that we’ll feel less crazy that way and make better progress. The goal of this focus is to arm you with resources to help you communicate better as a family in 1 month. There is no wrong way to do it – just look through the ideas and choose the things that fit your … [Continue Reading...]

10 Powerful Tips to for Cutting Calories and Maintaining Weightloss | dieting, low-calorie, exercise, weightloss, healthy

10 Powerful Tips for Cutting Calories and Maintaining Weightloss

I'm not a health or fitness expert. I'm just an average woman who wants to stay decently healthy and look good without sacrificing a ton of time and energy on it. It all used to be a lot easier before there were other people who I had to think about feeding and eating with; back when my stomach was permanently sucked in and I wanted to look good for whoever Mr. Right was... Don't get me wrong, I still want to look good for Mr. Right, it's just a lot more complicated now that I already have him … [Continue Reading...]

Creating a minimalist wardrobe takes time, and one of the best ways to experiment with what items work best for your closet, as well as developing your personal style, is to challenge yourself by limiting your clothing to a few pieces and getting creative with remixing them to make more outfits. | wardrobe challenge, 7x7 remix

Creating Your Perfect Minimalist Wardrobe in Stages

I used to think that the concept of having a perfect wardrobe was pretty much only for rich, famous people. Don't get me wrong, I fully intended to be rich and famous enough (haha) for my own perfect wardrobe someday, but somewhere along the way I decided I was going to skip that step. I realized I was approaching it all completely wrong. What I needed was a minimalist wardrobe. Just throwing more at a problem is never a good solution. When something's not working it's always better to … [Continue Reading...]