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How to Name Your Business and Find the Perfect Domain |, "not-com", branding

How to Name Your Business + Find the Perfect Domain

I created this post sponsored by Name.Kitchen to share best practices and exciting new solutions for naming your business! Being your own boss with increased flexibility in your schedule is more and more desirable to many, which means the playing field just keeps getting more crowded. According to Forbes, up to half a million businesses are started in the U.S. each month! With that kind of competition it can feel a little overwhelming to create a brand that stands out. The good news, though, … [Continue Reading...]

Easy tips to conquer paper clutter! | minimalist, minimalism, organization, file management, kids artwork

Easy Solutions to Conquer Paper Clutter Management

Based on reader responses, and our own personal experience, paper clutter seems to be the hardest thing to conquer and stay on top of. You get enough random papers piling up yourself, but when you have kids, the paper clutter seems to increase exponentially! Artwork and crafts, school and church papers, birthday and holiday cards and stuff their friends give them... You wouldn't think it would get so crazy so quickly, but it does, oh does it ever. Of course you could just use the trash-it-all … [Continue Reading...]

Truth is not dependent on your belief in it. Truth just is. ~ Tico&Tina | quote

Why Starting with Your Weltanschauung Boosts Your Clarity

I don’t profess to be a matchmaker, but there are a number of words in the English language that I strongly believe need to just tie the knot already. “World view” is worldview to me. You know what’s weird? No matter how you try to look it up in the dictionary – world view, world-view, worldview – it takes you to one definition, that really isn’t a definition at all: world-view [wurld-vyoo] noun 1. Weltanschauung. Weltanwhatnow?! is a German noun with an actual definition: “a … [Continue Reading...]

Find more by pursuing less... ~Tico&Tina | simplify, simplicity, simple living, minimalism

The Secret Shortcut to the Life You Want

You've suspected it all along, and you weren't completely wrong. There is a shortcut to the life you want - a secret that is hidden behind consumerism, buried under comparison, and covered up by an outdated view of success. I only wish we had understood this a decade sooner, but it took us that long to get to the point where we were so weary of busy and tired of average that we were just desperate enough to make the kind of "crazy" changes that needed to happen. Instead of chasing "more", … [Continue Reading...]

Your life is a garden, don't waste time cultivating weeds. ~Tico&Tina |, simplify, minimalism

Stop Wasting Energy Cultivating Weeds in Your Life

If your life was a garden, what type of garden would it be? A while ago we looked around and realized we weren't growing much of what we wanted in our life. There were small pops of color here and there, but the flowers were mostly buried and choked out by ugly, overbearing weeds. The frustrating thing about weeds is that they seem to grow so much easier than the types of plants we do want. Weeds pop up uninvited. Weeds sometimes masquerade as pretty flowers, but before you know it, … [Continue Reading...]