30 is the new 16

my friend, Rhonda, and I have often said how thankful we are that social sites and social media in general didn’t exist when we were growing up. we would have embarrassed our now selves greatly by the stuff our then selves would have most assuredly published… at the same time, it is a little nostalgic to remember our then selves’ unabashed enthusiasm for life and little thought for practicality or decorum =) as I turn 30 right NOW I thought I would like to toast the 16 year old me with a few pictures the 16 year old me would have most likely been posting and tagging online if she was still around. (who are we kidding, we’re all still 16 somewhere in there =)

[typography font=”Permanent Marker” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!![/typography]

{there is a distinct possibility that this post will have follow up posts containing other pics wherein we pretend we are 16 again as well as getting other people to have fun pretending the same thing and perhaps even outtakes – you would not believe how hard it can be to pretend, as a 30 year old, that you are still a teenager! they make it look so easy, I tell you.}

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