Becoming Minimalist Baby Steps: Get Rid of Manuals

Even though minimalism is a process that takes time, this doesn’t have to.

It’s not necessarily that getting rid of stuff needs to take a long time, though it can. It’s more that it’s often a progressive change in mindset.

It can be helpful to “test the waters” a bit with baby steps to see how you feel and how it affects your life.

One super simple and easy step is to get rid of  manuals.

Becoming Minimalist Baby Steps: Get Rid of Manuals

If you’re anything like the us of the past, you have a file drawer of them. You probably even have manuals for stuff you don’t have anymore…

Here’s how you can easily get rid of the hard copies, and access them on your computer instead.

Check out: ManualsLib

If you don’t find a manual in their library, you have the option to upload one. You can do that by taking pictures or scanning your hard copy of the manual, or sometimes you can find it at the manufacturer’s site or elsewhere online and add it via the URL. This scenario obviously takes a little more time, but is still pretty painless and worth it in the long run to have everything in one easy-to-access place that’s not taking up physical space.

ManualsOnline is another good option if you can’t find something at ManualsLib, but it has fewer products to choose from and we’ve had better luck with the site we reviewed in the video, so that’s our recommendation.

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