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Here's a peak into some of our day-to-day - what we're up to now. I feel like we've been flying by the seats of our pants all year and are just trying to catch our breath, to be honest...

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Minimalist Tshirt Giveaway!
It's been too long! So we wanted to do a quick flash giveaway 🙂 All you have to do is[...]
Silly & Fun Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards
It's been quite awhile since I've made any of this type of printables and I had no plans of making these,[...]
Getting Real about Negative Body Image: How to Be Self-Confident
I was recently asked essentially "Where do you pull confidence from?"and it got me thinking about my long, rough journey[...]
How I Screwed Up My Health with (un) Realistic Weight Loss Goals
This is a personal story of how I became a hypochondriac, and a cautionary tale of how not understanding realistic[...]
Costa Rica Adventures Part 4 – Costa Rican Wedding
This was the Costa Rican wedding week which meant tying up loose ends and a traditional serenade of the bride[...]
Costa Rica Adventures Part 3 – Downtown San Jose
Costa Rica Adventures Part 3 - Downtown San Jose and some other cool places. We took the kids on a[...]
Costa Rica Adventures Part 2 – Exploring a Mountain
David forgot how old, er, young he was turning... The biggest reason for us going to Costa Rica at this[...]
Costa Rica Adventures Part 1. Getting Settled
Costa Rica Adventures Part 1 Ugh. I'm not proud of myself for getting behind on the personal life updates that[...]
Behind the Scenes: Hello, Costa Rica, We Meet Again. Tico and Tina 2016 Costa Rica Trip
I've always been really awesome at keeping a diary. Not. But I still very much enjoy having little snippets to[...]
Behind the Scenes: On the Road Again & an Apology
First of all, I know, I know, too many sponsored posts lately, I'm sorry. Part of the issue with that[...]
7 Ways I’m Failing, and Why I’m Starting Over on a Friday
It's one thing when  you're failing a little bit. You can usually give yourself grace for that. It's another thing[...]
Behind the Scenes: Surprising My Parents in Mexico!
Several months ago, we decided to work our butts off and head for our home away from home(my parents in[...]
What’s in Our Medicine Cabinet – Preventative & Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu Season
We use preventative and natural remedies as much as possible, but with kids we also need to be prepared, especially[...]
Behind the Scenes: Real Talk – Commitment and Perseverance
This post will be a little more on the personal side. I had started out since June to try to[...]
Natural Cough Remedy for Cold & Flu Season
Coughs are right up there with one of the most annoying things in the world. A couple years ago David[...]
Our Minimalist Journey – a Rocky Start
Minimalist Journey beginning: In the fall of 2011, we sorted through our shed. We knew we wanted to start paring[...]
Meet a Minimalist: Leo Babauta – Creating the Right Habits
Leo Babauta is arguably the most well-known minimalist, and he applies his minimalist mindset to everything but kids - he has 6![...]
Living with More Style Than Cash
I love the name of Ingrid Talpak's show, Living with More Style Than Cash, because it fits us so well[...]
7 Real Life Personal Stories of Becoming Minimalist
There are quite a variety of reasons people choose minimalism, and different methods they take to get there. I think it's very[...]
6 People Who Own 100 Things or Less
When I first became aware of the minimalist movement at the beginning of 2012, one of the things that really[...]
Meet a Minimalist: Courtney Carver – Starting Small
Comparing where you are now to the lifestyle of someone who's been living minimalism for years can be very overwhelming.[...]
Meet The Minimalists: Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus – A More Meaningful Life with Less Stuff
Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are a couple of guys in their early 30's who had everything they thought[...]
Meet a Minimalist: Joshua Becker – A Rational Approach to Minimalism with a Family
In 2008, Joshua Becker and his wife realized how much their stuff was taking over time that could be spent[...]
Exploring Minimalist Living: Because Having Space & Freedom in Your Life isn’t Just for Hippies
If you stepped into my house right now, the scene would probably quickly make you question what I'm doing writing about[...]
September Favorites: Awesome Freezer Meals Tool
Hey guys, it's already time for September favorites! I only remembered 2 this month because I forgot to write them[...]
Behind the Scenes: Meeting People from the Internet!
Behind the Scenes with Tico and Tina I'm trying to remember when I first met someone in person that I[...]
You Know It’s Time to Take a Break When You Forget What Day It Is!
When to take a break. When you're hustling and in the groove, it can be hard to remember to take[...]
Behind the Scenes: Men Should Kill Spiders & Bugs
I am a very resourceful and independent woman by nature. It's a good thing I'm married, or I'd probably be[...]
August Favorites: Blender Bottle Review & No-Stink Dish Cloth
When I saw my friend, Karla, using her Blender Bottle, I thought it looked like an excellent alternative to getting[...]
How to Simplify Decision Making
This year we got down to business and defined a few things that have and will continue to help simplify[...]
Behind the Scenes: Amish CIA?!
This week the plot thickened with our Amish store mystery. My mom is convinced they just know me, but I[...]
The Day We Turned Down 2.5 Million Dollars
So I got this phone call one day saying we won 2.5 million dollars from PCH. And this one time,[...]
Behind the Scenes: Beatboxing and Early Puberty
We recently celebrated the 11 year anniversary of when we started dating. So we're not really old yet, but we're[...]
Behind the Scenes: Old Friends and First Lemonade Stands
There's nothing quite like the kind of friends you can pick up with right where you left off. We only[...]
Behind the Scenes: Road Trip + Glow Stick Accident!
This week we were on a nice little road trip to visit David's brother in Ohio. Their parents usually go[...]
How to: Homemade Butter – Fun Homeschool Project
We've been enjoying homemade butter for years now. It's just so much better than what you get in the store![...]
Behind the Scenes: Haircut Torture, Water Leaks, and Road Trip Prep!
We had a lot going on this week, guys. I was going to just pay for a haircut for Maverick,[...]
A Serious Case of Mom Brain + July Favorites!
When I was pregnant with our oldest, Maeve, 7+ years ago, I quickly discovered how real "pregnancy brain" was. Previously,[...]
Behind the Scenes: Crazy Hair and Bike Crashes
This week we did something amazing. We actually cleaned out our shed. I discovered ever so many things I didn't[...]
Behind the Scenes: Hit by FIREWORKS and Telling Kids They’re Getting Shots…
This week had a little bit of everything... I can't say I ever expected to get hit in the face[...]
How to Make Garden Tea and Take Dares
We have a nice little patch of mint going this year, and while it's not exactly rocket science, I figured[...]
Behind the Scenes: We Need an Ark!
This week was pretty crazy in the weather department. There were people around here who were actually stuck in their[...]
Behind the Scenes: I Have a Crazy Costa Rican On My Hands
This past week was quite full! Lots of fun memories made, and recorded 🙂 Ever since the World Cup started[...]
June Favorites!
Hey guys, just sharing some of our favorites for this month! What are some of yours? Leave-in Conditioner Poofs (sadly, they[...]
Behind the Scenes: Garage Sale Haul, Vegetarian Meatballs, and Costa Rica WINS!!!
This week we were kinda trying to recover from our off schedule last week... Neither of us really wanted to[...]
Great, Inexpensive & Healthy Ideas for Road Trip Snacks
Our family LOVES road trips. We just got home less than 2 months ago, after being gone for 4 months,[...]
Why We Believe Homeschooling Is Best for Our Children Part 1
Thanks to Daniel Espinoza, The homeschooling costs at the end of this infographic are true for us:— Daniel Espinoza[...]
The Night of the Pressure Cooker Explosion – and Other Behind the Scenes
The night was dark, the time was 11:00pm or so. David and I were sitting in our usual perches, doing[...]
FREE Printable: Play Money
Back in 2006, the year YouTube started to be a thing (which is completely irrelevant to this post, but amuses[...]
In Which We Reveal Something About Our Income
Maybe slightly crazy? 2.5 years ago we started a journey of faith, cutting David's day job down to part time.[...]
Hello Monday
have I mentioned I'm glad to be home? in so many ways I am/we are... the biggest thing is that[...]
the lies that homeschooling taught me
you may have heard me mention it before, or you may have no idea, but I was homeschooled, K-12. I[...]
warning: don’t irritate me. I’m detoxing.
while we were in Costa Rica I was feeling pretty gross... yes, there were lots of fruits and vegetables, but[...]
if you’re gonna be quirky, at least do it right
when I originally wrote "quirkiness - it's what's for supper" in my blogging notes a while back I'm not sure[...]

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