Declutter Your Bathroom & Laundry Room: 8+ Things to Get Rid of From Without Even Missing

The bathroom is one of the places things pile up the fastest, (haha, no pun intended) so I have no doubt you can find stuff to get rid of there when you declutter your bathroom.

Declutter Your Bathroom & Laundry Room: 8 Things to go !

Unless you’re really good about going through things frequently, cupboards and drawers quickly get cluttered with lots of random little stuff.

It’s time to bite the bullet and get real.

1. Get Rid of Toiletries

Declutter Your Bathroom & Laundry Room: 8 Things to go ! - get rid of toiletries

Do you like to try new products and then find yourself with a bunch of half-used bottles and tubes?

I either force myself to use things up, dole partials out to friends (it helps to have non-minimalist friends 😉 ) or charities, or just trash/recycle.

In no way is it better to be collecting dust and cluttering up my shelves.

2. Get Rid of “Special Occasion” Stuff

Do you have a collection of little hotel bottles?

Gift lotions, soaps, candles, bath this or that?

It feels nice to have sets and all, but it feels even nicer to not have clutter.

Stop telling yourself you’re saving them for a special occasion.

That goes for anything you’re “saving for a special occasion”.

Unless you start making a habit of special occasions, which isn’t a bad idea, you’d be better off without the reminder that you never have special occasions.

3. Get Rid of Makeup

Declutter Your Bathroom & Laundry Room: 8 Things to go !  - get rid of makeup

For the longest time I had a bag of half-used makeup and samples waiting for me to sort and figure out what to do with. Because I was going to use it someday, you know?

Then of course, there are the old or broken brushes and compacts, lip gloss so old it’s separating, etc.

I don’t think I’d be too off in saying that many of us don’t even wear makeup everyday, so it’s that much more silly that we hang onto so much old stuff.

If we get really honest with ourselves, we know what our favorites are and the actual likelihood of using any “special occasion” stuff.

As with all good intentions – if you don’t schedule it in or make it part of your routine, it’s not going to happen.Tweet: As with all good intentions - if you don't schedule it in or make it part of your routine, it's not going to happen. @TicoandTina

4. Get Rid of Medicine Stuffs

Declutter Your Bathroom & Laundry Room: 8 Things to go !  - get rid of medicine

We are blessed and very thankful that medicine usually tends to expire before it gets used up in our house.

It’s rather annoying, though, to actually need something and think you have it, only to discover it’s expired.

It’s even more silly to hang onto stuff you’re not going to need again, like nursing cream if you’re not having any more babies, for example.

Speaking of stuff for kids, how fast do those little medicine cups/syringes/droppers pile up?!

Go ahead, I challenge you to not find at least one thing you should get rid of from your medicine cabinet. Let us know in the comments below if you don’t so that we can all be impressed… and tell you to look again 😉

5. Get Rid of Glasses/Contact Cases

Declutter Your Bathroom & Laundry Room: 8 Things to go !  - get rid of old glasses

via aurea

Contact cases are another one of those things that pile up very quickly. We definitely keep one or two for backup, but you can’t deny that 5 or 8 is overkill.

A backup pair of glasses may be wise, but your old pair from highschool? Not so much.

There are many great programs you can donate your old glasses to, so there’s really no reason to leave them stashed in a cupboard somewhere . (Though I definitely recommend only donating to local organizations – otherwise you’re just making yourself feel better.)

Truth be told, we only pay about $30 at most for any of our glasses, thanks to places like Firmoo. (First pair free!)

6. Get Rid of Cleaning Supplies

Declutter Your Bathroom & Laundry Room: 8 Things to go !   - get rid of cleaning supplies

Same song, different verse – trying new things and not ever making ourselves use up the old ones… use it up or gift it to a friend, non-profit, charity, etc.

Your children do not want to inherit your cleaning supplies, bequeath the idea to declutter your bathroom instead 🙂 .

7. Get Rid of  Ironing Board

Declutter Your Bathroom & Laundry Room: 8 Things to go ! - get rid of ironing

This obviously might not be true of everyone, but a reader suggested this one and I completely agree.

I didn’t think of it myself because we only used the ironing board we registered for when we got married (because everyone has to have one of those, right?) maybe twice, and it’s been so long since we’ve had one.

Unless someone in your family works in a dressy office, or has a lot of high-maintenance clothes, you probably don’t need one either.

We also haven’t had an iron for as long as I can remember. I highly prefer a steamer if absolutely necessary, but most often just use the spray bottle method.

8. Get Rid of Big/Heavy Laundry Detergent

Declutter Your Bathroom & Laundry Room: 8 Things to go !  - get rid of detergent

We’ve ditched unwieldy conventional laundry products in favor of a much simpler, more natural process.

40-things-you-can-get-rid-of-without-even-missing-becoming-minimalistWhat’s something we’ve missed on this declutter your bathroom and laundry room list?

As one comment pointed out, towels are a BIG one, and they’re over here on this list.

Ready to tackle more? Check out our lists for other parts of your house gathered in one place as well as a free printable cheatsheet here – 40+ Things You Can Get Rid of Without Even Missing

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  • Dani Toland

    Something that I thought of from my own home: I know I have way too many towels stuffed in cabinets! We both had towels from before we got married, and then we registered for more so that they would be color coordinated with our bathrooms, and we wanted enough for guests (which we rarely have overnight since our family is mostly local)… Which all adds up to about 10-12 towels per bathroom, not including hand towels, wash cloths (does anyone actually use these?), and turbie twist hair towels! Then we had babies, and each kid got more than one set of the thin, infant towels with their own matching washcloths (these I do use, but not ever more than 2). Anyone else have excess towels?

  • L. A. McDonough

    Very motivating blog. we are retirees and have been downsizing to eventually move into smaller place. Kids , nieces and nephews do not want your stuff, so donate or sell your unwanted stuff. Others I know tell me same thing, family members are not interested in your stuff. I’m going to go down the list and evaluate room by room. Threw out toiletries yesterday unused. Thanks for the motivating info, will email it to others! I do closet purges Twice a yr end of cold season (now) and end of summer.

    • How’s it going by now? Sounds like you were making quick progress!

  • Tegan

    I had every intention of proving you wrong about my medicine cabinet… and then found a tiny bottle of 11 year expired vitamins with 1 pill in it. You win this time! 🙂 But seriously, we only have decongestant, ibuprofin, allergy meds, toothpaste, tweezers, nail clippers, floss, triple antibiotic cream, bandaids and bandages. It’s one of those situations where we have been lucky enough to never need medications, so we don’t really understand HOW medicine cabinets fill up!

    — Tegan

    • hahaha! love that 🙂 We rarely use medications either, but some of it expires more quickly than people think. For us, it’s mainly been Motrin type stuff for the kids that we use once a year or so, and especially with being in multiple locations throughout the year, we sometimes end up with multiple bottles.