normally I would stay at a girls’ night until the last people are leaving to make sure that I don’t miss anything FUNNY, but I made sure to come home tonight to try to finish this post up before my midnight – because I really try to stick to my word! I had a lot of great laughs mixed in with the deep conversation tonight, though, so it’s ok :) from insecurities to predestination to blind spots in relationships… we cover a lot of ground, let me tell you, lol.

ANYway, we’ve been LOVING the creativity you guys have been putting into your pictures for the IRLO Mashup! YOU are what makes this such a fun process. I regret that I haven’t been able to be as active in visiting all of your blogs and doing more faster as I had very much HOPED, but that is for another post titled “Blogging #FAIL!” (which I’ve been wanting to write for a while now…) (and I feel like Kelly from Houtz House Party with all my capitalized words today! hehe)

we all have a lot on our plates and we do what we can, right? hopefully we can all extend grace to each other in the light of that, too :) (in this case, me, lol)

I have been super impressed with Katlyn of the Dreamy Meadow and her initiative and networking ability. she kinda came outta nowhere and made a big splash, hey? but she’s not afraid to reach out to people, and that’s a quality I’m attracted to! she’s done an awesome job rallying her team. we didn’t even originally intend for people to have to make their whole team themselves, but Katlyn saw that it seemed to be easier to get people on board that way and took initiative. LOVE initiative! Team Mr. Hottie has their own facebook group for team spirit and communication, guys… yep, that’s what I would have done :) and they are seriously killing it with social media building initiatives – have you checked out the blog angels program yet? good stuff!

the team named after Mr. D is not the only one of interest this week, either. Team Menagerie/Playground almost had an arrest on their hands when Brooke from Covered in Grace tried to take some apparently illegal pictures…???

yeah, I really want to know WHAT this is about, too
let’s stalk her blog until she posts the story, k?

we’ve got some great characters in this race, people. makes me laugh!

ok, on to part of what you’ve been waiting to find out. I mean, we mainly want to emphasize the fun and networking aspect of this race, but what would it be without a little incentive? not that bragging rights aren’t sorta cool… :) so, some of the other things up for grabs include:

(sorry, the frame is not included with the print and the shirt won’t look exactly like that, since they’re not printed yet, but I’m pretty sure the cards will be a new batch from some of our Costa Rica adventures!)


something from the shop of our very own, the lovely,
Mariah of Thee Fire Wife, mud running beauty queen

one of her ahmahzing bags! {clickety-click the pic to visit her shop!}

and this is the part where I let you know that anyone is welcome to sponsor part of this big prize giveaway!

prize sponsors for teams (that means 10 of the same prize, since teams have 10 people) will get dedicated posts to introduce their product, blog, or site, as well as a code for a free medium (or large rotating) ad here on our site and your info listed on a prize sponsor page. of course we’ll personally follow and help promote you also.

obviously this sounds a little daunting at first, providing TEN prizes?!
but if you really think about it, it’s pretty doable.

what we would suggest is that ad space, shop credits, small digital gift cards to places like Amazon or Target (so you don’t have the shipping cost), etc. are great options that add value to the prize pool and don’t break your bank in the meantime. you could even go together with another blog or shop and each pay in a little bit to share the cost as well as the spotlight. do you pick up what I’m laying down?

don’t forget there is also the individual creativity prize,
so individual items are welcome as well!
individual prize sponsors will be part of a group post and we’ll also follow and help promote you, obviously!

I don’t know, this is all a bit of an experiment and you guys are some very lucky guinea pigs :) woot!
(so feel free to make a suggestion if you’re feeling smart and stuff)

above all, we are very much enjoying getting to know everyone, so thank you!!!

don’t forget to go check out the IRLO Mashup info page to see the map updated every week!

  • Brittany

    I am starring this in my google reader to think about and come back to later (meaning, when I’m not supposed to be leaving for work).

    • ticotina

      awesome, thanks Brittany! hope you have a great day =)

  • Rosie

    Thanks so much for the blog angels shout-out. Katlyn and I, are really excited about it all. We’ve had 70 sign-ups so far and really appreciate all of the support we’ve had. I can’t beleive that such a small idea we use in my school could work so well in the adult blog world.

    I hope you have fun being someone’s blog angel. Details will be on their way to you around the 25th May.

    Rosie xx

    • ticotina

      I’ve actually thought about this idea for blogging before, but you guys are doing a great job of making it happen! I think everyone likes the idea of getting/receiving encouragement, no matter our age =)