yeah, I’ve been a little four-eyes since I was the ripe old age of 7, and Mr. D has been wearing glasses since he was 12 or 13. this obviously means that we have plenty of scary pictures like this of our childhood floating around.

we certainly have hope that someday we will be able to afford lasik, but until then we are blind without contacts or glasses.

there are a few things that drive me batty about glasses, probably the most annoying of which being that I can’t just go directly from wearing them into contacts without having a dizzy indent in my nose from where the glasses used to be!!! I have to plan my day thinking how long before we’re going somewhere that I will need to put in my contacts if I don’t want to wear my glasses. LAME.

another thing that is frustrating is trying to figure out which eyeglasses actually look good on me, let alone staying remotely in style. (unfortunately that ship has sailed and I’m not that fond of swimming) but I always love when I can try glasses on virtually!

I was recently introduced to and they have one of the better systems I’ve seen; it’s called the Virtual Mirror. I decided to help Mr. D try out some glasses. he doesn’t know about it until this is posted, so I’m sure he’ll be super impressed with my choices for him, LOL :)

it’s kind of addicting to see what people look like in different styles!

how sweet is it that you can try glasses on right here on our site?!

but you know what’s even more awesome??? I’ve got CODES for you!!!
if you’re looking for cheap glasses, how can you really go wrong?!

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now I’d better go check my eyeglasses prescription to see when I need it renewed!