if you’re gonna be quirky, at least do it right

when I originally wrote “quirkiness – it’s what’s for supper” in my blogging notes a while back I’m not sure what exactly I was intending to write about. (don’t you just love finding cryptic notes to yourself – I always overestimate the power of my rememberer…)

but everyone has weird habits and ways of doing things, right? that’s what we like to tell ourselves, anyway 🙂

apparently people need a reeducation on how to make ramen. we didn’t even realize how dumb the directions on the package are until we observed our intern, Krista, making lunch one day in such bizarre fashion. (obviously we’re not much for recipes and directions) next time you have a flashback to your college days (we try for a couple times a month) feel free to dispense with the nonsense and just put everything in the pot at once: noodle blocks first, seasoning packets on top, water run over to mix the seasoning in (don’t quite cover the noodles unless you like soupy ramen), then cover and turn on high till it boils – take off the lid and poke around a bit to make sure all the noodles are now in the water, then turn off the heat and recover for a few minutes. VOILA the perfect ramen. got it, Krista? you’re welcome for this valuable life lesson.

so what’s up with those people who only use a towel once? (I don’t personally know any of your towel habits, I’ve just heard people do it) can someone explain that to me? I mean, I understand how you wouldn’t want to accidentally dry your face with a place on the towel where you had previously dried your butt, and I suppose some might be more thorough about drying than others, but seriously, you’re CLEAN. (unless you just ran around in the shower for two seconds to feel good about fulfilling your socially obligatory hygienic duties) if you’re that scared of yourself you could at least purpose to always dry your butt with the side of the towel that has the tag so that you’re sure not to offend your face later. just a thought! unless you enjoy extra laundry. cuz that’s not really Low-Maintenance Girl’s thing either.

don’t you love how I turned around our quirkiness and made it look like other people are the ones with the problem? I do, hahaha.

I asked Krista what weird things we do around here and she said “I don’t know, I’ve just gotten used to everything now!” smirk.

“well, there is your thing with spoons”

here is my spoon theory: spoons are by and large gross. they are acceptable for much older persons and small children because in those cases they are a necessary evil. spoons are also acceptable utensils for soup and cereal, again, for obvious reasons. other than these instances, I refuse to use a spoon if I have a choice in the matter. I don’t want to go rubbing my lips all over something. I try to avoid watching other people rubbing their lips all over things as well. the other thing is, have you ever noticed how a spoon tends to look coming out of someone’s mouth? the times it comes out looking clean as opposed to slimy and goo covered are far too rare for my taste – watch someone eating ice cream if you don’t believe me. I suppose maybe my brain subconsciously does not naturally separate the concept of someone eating off their own spoon with the disgusting thought of being forced to eat off of that same spoon right after they left their slime on it. maybe I’m just more visual than some?

Mr. D has pointed out that forks could be considered more gross because of the small crevices’ propensity for getting dirty, but we use a brush to wash our forks and my comfort level with their cleanliness is high enough.

obviously there is no way for me to turn this around to look like you have a spoon problem, but in order for you to hopefully think I’m not really as neurotic as I sound, let me assure you that I really do NOT think about this hardly ever. it was a mere observation at one point in time which led to a lifestyle choice – don’t use spoons and don’t watch people who do.

(sorry to cookbookmaniac for stealing your picture, it was the only image I could find of a messy spoon. if you fancy some chocolate pear pudding then click right on that spoon for a lovely recipe)

if you happen to know us and our quirky ways feel free to remind us of other randomness that we should [attempt to] explain. believe me, I’m sure we have an explanation that at least makes sense in our own minds.

{this post sponsored by Rhonda from Kalona Coffee House. she eats with spoons.}

be sure to come back tomorrow for an extra special discussion on condoms
in part 2 of You Asked for It!

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  • Bethanyrae

    haha, i’m a two towel user….one for my face and hair and the other for the rest of me…..a new towel every shower seems like a waste of water. oh, and we don’t have that many good towels. 🙂 

    • well, hey, that is another option I hadn’t even considered, way to be creative =) and yes, it is definitely annoying when you run out of the towels you like to use, lol

  • Krista Hershberger

    lol!  Thank you so much for that life changing lesson! I know I will save countless hours laboring over ramen in the future.   

  • eef

    haha, i thought i was the only one who didn’t like spoons! i just don’t like how they feel in my mouth!

    •  yay! another spoon hater, lol. seriously, they feel gross!

  • Saw your link button on Jamie’s sidebar and came over to visit. I am so glad I did!!! Can’t wait to read more. 🙂

    •  I’m glad you came, too, Ronni! I’m popping over to visit you now =)

  • Aubrey

    so funny.
    I can reuse a towel. I was raised reusing towels. The hubs though. His mom washed there towels every day. Now he has warped our children. Seriously they should be doing the laundry.

    • Aubrey

      their not there. silly me.

      •  how old are they, Aubrey? I would totally go on towel washing strike, lol. or maybe a ration! =)