IRLO Mashup!

Teams of 10 working together for FUN, FAME, and PRIZES

One member of each team was mailed a BlankCanvas™ card, along with basic instructions to initial the card on the front, put their site on the back, and take a creative picture of them with the card before mailing it on to the next person on their team.

This race is really about more than just fun, though there is plenty of that to go around – the blank canvas is to us a symbol of life and the BlankCanvas™ tag line, “Life is a blank canvas – paint an adventure!” is a big part of why we are doing this. We want to hear about your dreams and connect people’s stories, encourage people to think outside the box and take risks. We’re sharing your thoughts about adventure in posts as you send them to us. 🙂

How can you win???

Miles traveled so far: 100,642

More deets!

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