Life Lately: Look Out Ladies

It’s been, oh, a month since I’ve written anything on here… and it’s been waaay longer than that since I’ve done any sort of life updates. I really miss regular old life updates. Let’s see if I can even remember what has happened.

We came home from our four month winter escape down south to find that indeed there were mice wreaking havoc in our trailer. Somehow they had managed to evade the notice of the person we had checking on things. And wow… we are still finding and disposing of evidence. It basically means taking everything out of everywhere and cleaning everything.

I guess you could call it involuntary spring cleaning.

The only problem is, we had come up with a schedule of projects on our 20 hour drive home. And frankly, I’d rather be accomplishing projects than cleaning up mouse crap. David actually deserves a gold medal for cleaning most of it while I’ve been sorting through more stuff to get rid of.

Every time we go away we realize we need less and less stuff, and come back wondering why in the world we still have things we thought we’d already “minimalised”… it’s still somehow not as easy to get rid of everything as I’d like, but this year is about focusing and honing our lives, and it’s insane how much extra stuff has an affect on productivity. We got to go see the Minimalists (whose book I helped proof read) for a bit soon after we got back, and although we really didn’t need any more inspiration to simplify, it was still cool to meet them for a bit. I did lose my favorite water bottle, though 🙁

Maeve lost her second tooth on the way home from that event 🙂

We’ve also hit the ground running with some more full time work with one of our clients and are excited to be able to scale back and mostly focus on that as a steady income. We’ll see how things go…

All that to say, we still haven’t been able to hit a stride with our life schedule. We can’t just work and homeschool because we’ve had other house stuff to deal with. Lame.

Here we are on Easter.


And here is what we did that day.

And here are a few pictures of our little stud muffin from a shoot we did for a post a friend of ours is doing on cute hairstyles for boys sometime soon. I guess you could call this a sneak preview, but there were way too many pictures to choose from because he killed it, and all with a cold wind blowing. The two pictures on the right were him shivering, but when we asked him to be cool for the camera he just turned it on. The picture on the left is him pretending he’s skateboarding 🙂


Look out ladies!

2014-05-02_0005 2014-05-02_0006

The best pictures will be in the hairstyle post, so make sure you check it out, though I’m not sure when it will be up yet. Update: it’s here!

Here’s the video of me cutting his hair directly before the shoot.

That’s the short version of life lately, and lastly I’m happy to report that we’ve entered the last month of our #Celebrate365 project! We’ve learned a lot and are so ecstatic that we’re actually making it through a whole year of daily videos. There were plenty of days we wanted to skip, haha. I’ll be doing some posts about the process I’m sure.

Right now whenever I can squeeze out a little extra time I am trying to finish up what I’ve decided to call a mini ebook about developing the kind of life you want to live, based on our ten years of many more downs than ups. Until then, I’m trying to hold off on writing any of the big blog posts we have planned. It will only be about 50 pages, but it should be packed with encouragement to live your best life and will be available for free download. If you want to be notified when it’s done, you can sign up below!

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  • What a great winter escape. Sounds like y’all had fun.