Minimalist Living Baby Steps: Less Laundry, More Space

When you’re on the road to a more minimalist living with a family, baby steps are the name of the game. We are slowly but surely looking at each minute detail of our life to evaluate what can be simpler and ultimately more life-giving.

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This might seem silly on the surface, but we recently made a change to our towel situation that means more space and less laundry.

I was not happy with our towels. They tend to float around our house getting mixed up and being generally annoying. Most people would probably just toss any stray towel in the laundry, but we only do 5-7 loads of laundry a month, and I’m not interested in doing more than that. (We recently revealed that we re-use our towels possibly more than the average person, along with other TMI. You’re welcome to watch in shock and horror here, if you dare.)

So for us to simplify this situation, it meant each having our own towel. I decided while I was at it to get more efficient towels that took up less space. I’m always on the lookout for new and better ways of doing things, and drool over products that do more with less.

Now I realize that there are probably a lot of people in love with their fluffy, plush towels, and I get that. I do. But each step towards a life that is less complicated with things that waste your time and more full of the greatness that you were made for, involves weighing everything on your scale of importance. These are not matters of right and wrong, rather of deciding how much something means to you.

Transitioning a family toward a more minimalist living is all about baby steps. We recently made a change to more efficient towels to make more space and less laundry!

For me, I strongly prefer a towel that takes up less space over a towel that makes me feel luxurious while I use it for a minute or two, especially when it means that it also takes up less space in the laundry.

Microfiber towels have other towels seriously beat in the efficiency department.

  • Super Absorbent, dries you the second it touches your body.
  • Fast drying to save you time, eliminating much of the bacteria growth.
  • Lightweight and compact – ideal for traveling, camping, boating, backpacking, swimming etc.

I got one towel in a smaller size that I knew could work for me, to try it and see if we really wanted to go this route before spending more money. When I first pulled it out I thought I didn’t really like it because it had some of the sticky/tacky feel that you would expect from microfiber. Using it after a shower, however, I found that it really wasn’t an issue for me after all.

We decided to go ahead and try another microfiber towel that claimed it didn’t have that tacky feel, and this time I got it in David’s size. I didn’t have much hope that it would really be that different, but it actually is.

Here you can see that mine retains more of that plush feel, while David’s is flat and smooth to the touch.

 More space and less laundry! Minimalist living baby steps.

Regardless of the difference to the touch, both of the towels still take up very little space. Here’s the difference between the two, compared with our very average (a.k.a. cheap, not particularly thick and plush) towels we’re keeping for guests/backup.

Even things as mundane as towels can be simplified and more efficient. This is a change we made recently to our towel situation to work towards a more minimalist lifestyle. We now have more space and less laundry minimalist living rocks!

Since the towels we had for the kids are already thinner, we’re just going to keep those for now and upgrade them to the more expensive ones when they get older.

I know this minimalist lifestyle baby step probably seems silly, but I can tell you that it’s already making me smile just a little more 😉

What do you think about baby steps like this?


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  • We just switched to Norwex microfiber towels this year. I love how thin, yet absorbent they are and how fast they dry. Our linen closet is much emptier now and I love it!

    • oh awesome, it’s fun to run into someone else doing the same thing 🙂

  • Kat

    I love thick fluffy towels, but I can definitely appreciate minimal living and saving space, time and money!

    • yeah, my mindset has just changed so much in the last couple of years that thankfully it’s not hard for me to give the fluff up now. I’ll probably still enjoy luxurious towels on the occasional hotel stay or visit with friends 🙂

  • Fran

    I love these baby steps! Just tell me…how many towels do you keep for each one? And for the guests?

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  • L. A. McDonough

    We switched to microfiber towels also, from Bed bath and beyond at on sale prices. Love ’em and dry fast, saving time and space in closet. Also recently got microfiber sheets and they dry faster too. Was skeptical at first, but saleslady said she liked them.

    • hmm, microfiber sheets, we might have to look into that! 🙂

    • I just realized I when I replied to your comment in the back end of the site it didn’t come out over here, argh! I like the sound of microfiber sheets, we’ll have to keep those in mind 🙂