New YouTube One Channel Art Template – FREE PSD and PNG

I’ve been seeing the new YouTube channel design layout rolling out on channels here and there for a little while, and wasn’t sure what I thought about it at first. As a designer, it’s a little frustrating to get more limited control over how things look. After reading this great article about the ins and outs and whys of the changes, however, I am wholeheartedly on board.


Advantages to the New YouTube One Channel Design

There are some definite advantages to the new channel design, not the least of which being a leveling of the playing field as far as what channels are able to do – from what I can tell anyway. You don’t have to wait until you get a bajillion views to have a nice layout and easy-to-see links out. And honestly, from a design standpoint, I think it’s great. Of course there are always a million haters when anything changes, but once they get used to it I think most people will come to realize it works. Check out what Eldman Digital said:

Why It Matters

  • YouTube is moving away from being a video-only platform and is turning into a dynamic, highly visual environment for users to engage with brands.
  • The new features (sections, trailers, etc.) emphasize the importance of rich content to recruit new subscribers.
  • By making this shift, YouTube is emphasizing the importance of a brand channel subscribers and on creating and cultivating a community of brand enthusiasts through engaging content.  It is no longer a video repository and instead a true social media platform.
  • The new Channel layout reflects YouTube’s recognition of the importance of maintaining a consistent experience across the multiple devices site visitors are using to consume content on YouTube, from mobile devices to TVs.

We haven’t had a chance to make our intro video for nonsubscribers yet, but I think that feature is quite great. I did throw together a quick header from one of our old blog headers for now, and I admit it took me a bit to get how that whole thing works.

Setting Up Your YouTube Channel One Art

Because YouTube’s goal is to have their content work well across devices (good for them, good for you), you have to upload one channel art image that can work for all, and then adjust for each device. This is where you can opt in (after June everyone will be pulled into the switch automatically).


It’s actually quite easy, but I am more of a dive-straight-in-without-really-reading-instructions sort of person (and then go back to read after I figure out what/why I need to know – that’s the homeschooled me, I guess ;)), so I thought I’d make it hopefully a little bit easier to get off on the right foot with these templates. YouTube has a simple image template, but it’s rather garish and a PSD template is a little nicer to start out from, in my opinion. I’m also including a PNG for those who don’t use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements so as not to leave anyone out. Hope it helps! Feel free to share, and if you’d like us to put something fun together for your channel, you know we’d kill it.


We got a request to make a video tutorial for how to use this template, so we did 🙂

Download the YouTube One Channel Art PSD Template

Download the YouTube One Channel Art PNG Template

We’ve been getting questions and requests about creating YouTube channel art for people, so I wanted to address that here and let you know that I’m a designer and am happy to create something for you so you don’t even have to mess with the template. A simple, professional design starts at $50. If that’s something you’re interested in, just let me know!


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  • Just wanted to leave a comment to say THANKS for sharing these templates, and explaining in normal human-speak 😀

    • you’re SO welcome! thanks for taking the time to let us know you’re using it 🙂 oh, and let us know your YouTube channel and we’ll check it out!

  • Jose

    Awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing. You guys are great!!

  • Mary

    Thanks for the PSD template, y’all! The file that YouTube provided seems to have gone rogue .. my copy of Photoshop (CS5) won’t open it. Worse yet, other (supposed) YouTube template links are broken. After ten minutes of searching, yours is the first PSD that I found. 😀

    • you know, that doesn’t surprise me too much – YouTube is part of Google after all 🙂 glad to help out!

      • Mason

        Thank you for the template that actually opens! PS: Who wrote that comment? Tico or Tina

  • Well done, the template looks nice. It’s much better than the large, washed image of a guy surfing that YouTube provides. Do you happen to know the font that was used in the template?

    • thanks, Josiah. yes, since I made it, I do in fact know what font it is 🙂 it’s Bebas and Bebas Neue, both of which can be accessed at if you haven’t used that site before, you are in for some awesome!

      • Ahh, i should have known. It really is a beautiful font. Thanks for the site link as well!

  • Yansu Ouyang

    Thank you for the template! I’m researching for my company, and just like others have already said, yours is the first template that is clean and pretty. Now it makes me want to create one for my personal use.

    • Thanks Yansu, we appreciate you taking the time to comment 🙂

  • thank you for this perfect psd for my youtube channel,

  • Love this! Thank you so much! I laughed when said you dive in before reading directions, etc. I did exactly that. So thankful the internet delivered me to your page! Put together my channel art lickity split!

    • it’s always great to run into a kindred spirit 🙂 great to hear everything went well! I’ll have to poke over to your site and see if I can find your channel.