The Secret to a Minimalist Closet

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Our family has been exploring minimalism for about a year and a half now, and it is definitely a journey, or one might say “Life in Beta” *wink wink* – always changing and growing. Today I’m showcasing my take on a minimalist closet. Well, I guess I should say, a minimalist closet with personality… obviously I could go a lot more minimalist, but I’m not a nun or anything. Obviously, since a nun probably wouldn’t say “badass”…


While I’ve always loved fashion, I’ve never devoted much time to it, nor do I feel comfortable prioritizing it over other things. When I have the opportunity to link up with my friend, Natalia’s, 7×7 Remix however, I find it to be an excellent opportunity to put some thought into making the most of my closet. It reveals the real gems and gives me courage to purge stuff that’s just taking up space.

I’ve been trying to focus more on developing a minimalist closet, and this month I wanted to take it up a notch. I challenged myself to use very basic, simple items. The sweaters and vest could almost count as accessories, I don’t know, haha.


minimalist closetminimalist closet 10.jpg
minimalist closet 11.jpg


minimalist closet 3.jpg
minimalist closet 2.jpgminimalist closet 12.jpg

minimalist closet 4.jpg

minimalist closet 7.jpg
minimalist closet 5.jpg
minimalist closet 6.jpg

minimalist closet 8.jpg

Have you guessed the secret to a badass minimalist closet yet?


Unfortunately, accessorizing is a real art, one that I am definitely no expert in. I’ve always been good at recognizing key pieces for a versatile wardrobe, but I’m also very cheap, so it takes time to build. I’ve slowly been changing my mindset a bit, allowing myself to spend a little extra on items that will be a big boost to my closet, and trying to pass over cheaper items that won’t be very versatile. Scarves, shoes, belts, and a few key pieces of jewelry are what will make your outfits pop the most – and the bonus is that they don’t take up a ton of space!

Go check out what the others have come up with for this challenge 🙂

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  • I love all of this, except for the wide belts on the t-shirts. My faves are the multi-colored scarf you wore with the teal shirt, the brown booties, and the red cardi. It looks super comfy.

    • I wasn’t sure about the belt on tshirt either, Breenah, I’ve never done it before. I’m more ok with it on the purple, because it’s not really a tshirt. the red sweater is super comfortable, but by the time I was done taking pictures I was super hot because it got warm yesterday after all 🙂

      • I do like it on the purple better than the teal. It’s been jumping up 30 degrees from morning to afternoon. I’m ready for it to be cool all day.

  • I love all of these! I’m with you on the minimalist wardrobe. I mean, sure I’d love to have everything I wished for, but then I wouldn’t have to be that creative, would I? And it makes you appreciate what you have. I think all these outfits are super cute and they look totally different. It’s amazing what you can do with just 7 pieces! Thanks for linking up!

    • I realized yesterday again while doing this that having more stuff is ultimately just more overwhelming and paralyzing. too many choices is also just stunting for creativity, truly! thanks for hosting again 🙂

  • That really is good advice! Investing in some good accessories can really expand your options! Where did you get the red and tan sweaters? I love a good cardigan! I also love the fringe boots!

    • thanks for stopping by, Jessica! I am all about thrifting and sales 🙂 the tan sweater is was from a local place, approx $5, and the red was Goodwill, approx $1.50 and wonderful quality! it’s amazing what you can find and like a fun treasure hunt, haha. BUT it’s also bad because I am very tempted to buy things I DON’T NEED just because it’s a great find…

  • you are so cute and fashionable! I love all your shoes! I have those same nude heals, but rarely wear them because i feel like a dork running around in heels.

    • ha, it’s called fake it ’til you make it, Janene – I admit I like how this post turned out, but I’ve done quite a few of these linkups before this that were not so great… learning as I go and all that. so when are you going to join in?!?!?!?! 😀 it really is so fun! and I have actually worn these heels a bunch since I got them, just because they’re so comfortable and not too high! I feel fancy and feminine when I do, LOL

  • I really like all those outfits! They all look stylish but in a casual, comfortable sort of way. I really need to purge my closet. I have so many clothes I never wear and they’re all stuffed into my closet. Most of the clothes I do wear never even go INTO the closet because there’s so much crap in there. Now that I’m typing it out it seems even more ridiculous 🙂

    • you have hit the nail on the head, my style is definitely more casual and had better be comfortable, haha! and HI!!!!! I don’t know how I have not seen, heard, or read anything of you for a long time! I just went over and found you on Instagram and made sure I was still following you on Twiter, I don’t know how I miss all your tweets! I used to only follow a few people and try to read everything, but as you know with your big following that doesn’t work so well over a few hundred… I’m gonna go comment on your crazy cute and already so big, baby now!

  • #1- I love the purple shirt outfit.
    #2-I am amazed by your footwear…aka boots and shoes.=) And this from the Baarefoot Hippie Girl.
    #3- I have been waiting and waiting for your posts to drop into my inbox and they haven’t, until today. Today I have like 5. Which is really crazy. So…
    #4- I should have dialed over to your site before now to check up on you. Lesson learned.
    #5-Well, there isn’t a five.=)

    • yay! you like something I put together 🙂 I have really been working on building up my shoe stash this year. I got super annoyed at never having the right shoes for the outfit! the latest pair was the one with the purple outfit – $2, baby!

      I’m sorry, we discovered that our feed was broken, I’m not sure for how long. probably months.

      I very much appreciate that you didn’t leave your comments on a number such as the likes of 4. 5 is much better always 🙂

  • so fun! definitely love the nude heels AND the teal. 😉


  • Cute!! I’ve a minimalist closet too. Accessories are hard for me and I really appreciate the examples!

    • I am certainly no expert on accessories, but it’s fun to try different things 🙂