sometimes I feel quiet…

I’ve felt quiet for a while. (though that’s not so much why the blog has been quiet as of late)

mostly I haven’t felt like I’ve really had time to sit down and process. and I’m an internal processor…

sometimes this blog is part of my process – and I prefer when it can be!

even though I say I haven’t had time to think about anything, the truth is that there is a LOT of stuff going on in the back of my mind. this whole year has been one giant faith journey, and it’s going to be continuing in that direction indefinitely…

I want to just hunker down and create, but the realities of life, part of what makes for the stuff of good creations, continues to “get in the way”…

and at the core of it all is the realization that we are creatures of dust, falling on God’s mercy. I fall a lot, being so thankful for the vastness of that mercy…

I don’t really have any graphic shirts, especially not on this trip, and especially not that I love, so I just made do with this 🙂 I really like this linkup because it has a prompt! and while we’re talking about linkups, you should check out our new weekly challenge!

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  • A “quiet processor”. I think that’s me, too. I’ve been trying to figure out, introvert or extrovert. Whatever, who needs labels. I know that I like people, and I need quiet. Hope you find some quiet this weekend!

    • I think it’s funny how many details play into our personalities and “who” we are! funny as in fascinating 🙂 whatever the label, I like you, hehe!

  • i was telling Doug just this week that i thought we were so…not ourselves…when you guys were here. not because of you, just really tired, blah, and felt very uninteresting. i typically am much more manic. so if y’all make it back this way, we promise to be more lively. and unsandwichy.

    • well, if it matters, we didn’t find you guys uninteresting at all 🙂 we felt so at home with you and were so blessed! can’t wait till our paths cross again!

  • Creatures of dust, falling on God’s mercy….I LOVE this…i think it explains our insignificance so perfectly. It’s comforting that we are “just” that isn’t it…that we aren’t too important. When I start thinking myself more and more important that’s when i REALLY stumble. I get bigger and He gets smaller…that’s when a WHOLE MESS of problems ensue.

    • if I stop for even 2 seconds to think, I always just realize how very small I am!!! I’m so thankful for His mercy!

  • you’re so super cute… and i agree with everything you said here, meaning i feel the same..
    my heart is still with you sweet friend. totes. 😉

    • aaaaaaaaaah sweet friend! hahahaha! I love “inside jokes” 😉

  • I’m sure it’s hard being on the road. Not always time to process everything or get quiet. Great to talk to you briefly. Praying for you guys!

    • thank you so much for your prayers and everything, Tammy!!! the posters just got delivered today! I can’t remember if you’re going to the conference or not? if you are, make sure you take some pictures for us 🙂

  • you’re so cute, I love this outfit. Like seriously enough that I am going to go out and create it! You look amazing and I am glad you got to link up!

    You’re always such an encouragement to read! And you’ve definitely got the right attitude!

    • thanks Natalia! I am so glad you’re doing this linkup, it’s perfect for me as a very much non-fashion blogger, LOL

  • I love your graphic T 🙂 It’s always good to process things inside at times. I think that’s when life makes the most sense.

    • haha thanks! yeah, I wish I just had some more time to process right now…!