I “met” Natalia last fall, and she is a sweetheart!
I’m just now getting to know Christie and I can already tell she is good people as well :)
allow them to introduce themselves, I’m sure you’ll love them, too!
(oh and pssst, you still have a chance to win a set of our BlankCanvascards as well as a quotable art print over on their blog!)

hello Tico & Tina Readers!

I am so glad to be here today! I always love it when I meet fellow adventurers and Tico & Tina definitely fit that mold! Recently they have been spending their time in Costa Rica. Um.. little jealous! Except I live in France, so I’m not sure I am allowed to say that!

Well today they have been so kind as to allow us a little time on their beautiful blog. We feel so honored! So let’s get to it and allow us to introduce ourselves! My name is Natalia and Christie and I blog over at Ma Nouvelle Mode. If you have no idea what that means, that’s okay, it’s in French! It means my new style. I started Ma Nouvelle Mode a little over a year ago. I had two babies and had kinda sorta forgotten what it was like to take time for myself and even what my sense of style was! I am still constantly learning and have so enjoyed the process along the way.

Christie has recently joined the Ma Nouvelle Mode team and this week we are relaunching our blog with quite a bit to celebrate! We moved over to wordpress {love it!}, got a brand spankin’ new design, and we are celebrating our new partnership! Which is why we are over here today, to tell you all about it!

“Our mission at Ma Nouvelle Mode is to encourage, motivate and inspire women of all walks of life to discover {or rediscover} their own fabulous panache.”
How do we work our magic? With fashion we share ideas of how to shop your closet, build a wardrobe on a limited budget, and find new ways to style old items. We like to have photo shoots featuring different styles and eras so there is something for everyone. In the beauty department we have a plethora of tutorials from smoky eyes to red lips to help our readers gain the confidence to be able to create these looks themselves. We love sharing do-it-yourself techniques for the home to inspire to create a space that fits the style and feel of our readers. We both have traveled quite a bit, with and without our kids and we love to share our stories and photos. We also include plenty of recipes for the culinary inclined.

We hope you enjoyed our little guest post today and we would LOVE it if you stopped by to check out our new site and support our relaunch. We also love meeting new people, so make sure you say hi!

  • http://www.everydaytrish.com/ Trish

    I really, REALLY love their mission! I could definitely stand to find my panache again :)