Suffocation Is a Slow and Painful Way to Live

When we started our lives together, we were all about getting the most we could for the least expense. A couple of years ago when we went to Costa Rica for the winter, we had the chance to experience a more simple life. We didn’t have a car, so going out all the time to this, that, and the other engagement wasn’t a practical option. We only had as much stuff as we could fit in a suitcase and carryon for each of us.

I was amazed by how much less cluttered my brain felt, and needless to say, it was awesome.

The average American owns approximately 962 items, and they spend about 7 hours per week on average taking care of that stuff. That in itself feels a bit overwhelming.

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish in your life, you have all these pesky little tasks and things buzzing subconsciously in the back of your mind, slowing you down and driving you ever more batty.

You may feel like you’re putting in 100% effort and only seem to be getting 50% results, on a good day. If you’re anything like we were, you’re probably actually putting in 150% effort for 25% results.

If it feels like you’re always behind, there’s a good chance there are things in your life that could be streamlined.

All the excess in your life weighs you down, slows you down, keeps you from being efficient in fulfilling your purpose.

Contrary to popular opinion, more options rarely = more freedom, rather they usually end up being more of a burden.

What area of your life could use some streamlining?

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