When You’re Tired of Feeling Like a Failure

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Perspective has the power to imprison or set you free.

bad day, good day…

hope, despair…

much, little…

rich, poor…

feeling like a failure over and over again…

Does where you are standing have a good vantage point?

It’s easy to get bogged down by the struggle of all the “no’s” and become discouraged.

What is something you find yourself struggling with frequently?

You want X, but you know you really shouldn’t X… BUT YOU REALLY WANT X!

You get mad.

You feel sorry for yourself.

Or, you give in.

Afterward, you’re mad or sorry for yourself anyway.

Because it’s just TOO HARD. and it’s not fair…

Oh really? What’s “fair”? What’s “hard”?

It all depends on your perspective.

How can you get to a better vantage point?

“A strong yes is your best no.” ~Kris Vallotton

A strong yes is your best no. | quote | character | success | personal development


When you discover your BIG YES, the no’s become virtually irrelevant.

Focusing on the negatives moves you in the exact direction you wanted to avoid. Like Kris Vallotton says, “It’s very difficult for a negative to create a positive in your life.”

Having a vision that drives you means that it’s no longer about what you’re missing out on.

“If you have a big yes, you don’t have time for all the nos.” (Kris Vallotton again)

Minimalism isn’t about all the things you don’t have and aren’t doing… it’s about finding your big yes – and all of those things you would have used to feel like you were giving up…? They fall away easily.

This concept applies to every area of your life, and though Kris’ message has nothing to do with minimalism, per se, it’s worth a listen.

Anything you find yourself struggling with, check your focus – do you have a strong yes or are you trying to get by on no’s?

If you’re having trouble finding your “yes”, I know someone who can help you 🙂

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” James 1:5

What is your big yes?

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Exploring Minimalism

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  • Caroline

    i so enjoy reading your blog! it has been a blessing in my exploration of minimalism 🙂 it also thrills me so much that you incorporate your faith in Christ into your posts!!! i really like that verse but wanted to point out that it’s from JAMES 1:5 rather than John. 😉 thanks for what you are doing / your willingness to share your life and spread awareness with others! much love, Caroline

    • Hi Caroline, thanks so much for bringing that to my attention! I guess my brain transposed James to John when I was copying it over 🙂