“you SNEAKY MOM!!!”

does anyone else love that video as much as we do? we’ve watched it a number of times over the past 8 months or whatever since it came out.

anyway, it’s the phrase that came to mind as our project launched into live crowdfunding this morning (I started this post too late last night to finish it) without us realizing it was going to happen! “you SNEAKY WEBSITE!” just a little miscommunication there, LOL. so we spent most of the day trying to edit and finalize details (they normally don’t allow editing after launch but gave us an exception, thankfully, even though we had wanted to shorten our deadline and that couldn’t be done)

so I was planning for awhile to post something about how dreams and ideas sometimes evolve, and allowing yourself to be flexible… in this case, of course, I’m talking about us.

you may or may not know that we have an identity & graphic design business, Kaleidoscope International. our goal with that was never to be a huge design firm, but rather make our main income from something else (ideally build up some passive income, for example) to enable us to take on larger pro bono projects for small start-ups and non-profits. so we’ve been working in that on the side for the past 7ish years while David has maintained his day job and have built up a nice little portfolio (which really needs to be updated, unfortunately, especially since we haven’t transferred all the images that were there before changing the site recently).

this year we’ve unfurled our sails, so to speak, and have been able to start slowly building up another dream that has been in our hearts the whole 7 years, the Beauty of One, which is custom artwork and whatnot, LOL. we’re finally starting to get some of the work uploaded, slowly, and it will mainly be available as downloadable files.

as we were in Costa Rica for the winter, and were able to hunker down and mainly focus on these ventures, we became further cemented in what we had begun to feel for awhile, which was that through Kaleidoscope International we really wanted to become a resource and encouragement for small and start-up  businesses. this was a little bit of a departure from being all about design, and it will take some time to build up that aspect of our site, but we’re excited about it!

meanwhile, the Beauty of One has evolved a bit also as we’ve started to develop our fun BlankCanvas™ line.

somehow in the past couple of months these two concepts have started to merge together a little bit through our tagline “Life is a blank canvas – paint an adventure!” the hare-brained idea to tour the US with our blank canvas became a real mission to discover and tell the stories of people along the way, to encourage people in whatever part of their journey that they find themselves.

it can be really hard to start. it can be really hard to keep going when voices tell you that you’re not good enough, why even bother?!. it can be really overwhelming to face the crazy amount of work you know it will take to accomplish your goal! all of this can be compounded with the feeling in the middle of it all that you get when you get engaged or have a baby “what? is this really how this feels?! it can’t be real!”

we want to crack open some of that weirdness for people – we want to document many different types of stories and compile them as a resource of encouragement for people like us who want to dare to dream, but aren’t sure what the journey really looks like and are often tempted to give up.

you can look at people like Dave Ramsey, Shay Carl, and even Justin Bieber (no link necessary, right?) and think man, some people have all the luck. (well, ok, the Biebs, maybe, LOL) but seriously, we do not see all the late nights after a regular day job and the kids are in bed, the sweat and tears, the fights as realities get a little too intense sometimes, the discouragement and questions that pop up along the way, the lack of support from people around you who just don’t “get it”, the many setbacks…

why are we doing this? well, we find ourselves at a good point in our lives without any big commitments, a point that probably won’t come around again any time soon. we know some of the behind the scenes of what it is to fight for an idea, a dream that often feels ridiculous.

you could look at this perhaps like “a Birth Story” for dreams (that’s a TLC show about babies, right?) we don’t know how it will look, we just know that we’re going to try…

like Krista said the other day during one of our many freaking out moments, “at least we’ll fail at something awesome, rather than succeeding at something lame” I think it’s my new favorite quote.

so are you in? do you want to be a part of this ride with us? we’d love for you to help us spread the word! I can tell you that we’re going to be working our butts off… we can’t really turn back now, since we’re one of only 3 of the first projects ever to launch on this site!

we hope we’ll be able to meet a lot of you this summer!!!


  1. Noel May 30, 2012 at 12:55 pm #

    Excited for you and your beautiful family! I’m praying for you. Safe travels and awesome adventures. I feel like quoting from the Disney movie UP… “Adventure is Out There!” So proud of you both that you aren’t waiting to go live this big dream of yours. Truly so excited for you my new bloggy friend.
    Noel recently posted..Intro to my Love/ Hate button and A NEW LINK UPMy Profile


  2. Kelly May 30, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

    I am so proud and excited for you and CAN’T wait to meet you in person when you come and stay with us!! We are beyond happy to have you guys!!!!
    you know whatever we can do to help we are there for ya!!!!
    Kelly recently posted..Ohio in Photos #1My Profile


  3. Kassi @ Truly Lovely June 1, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

    I have the utmost respect for someone reaching for their dream! Good for you guys! Wishing you luck!!!
    Kassi @ Truly Lovely recently posted..Fancy This Fridays 78My Profile


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