July 25


10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips to De-Stress and Save Money

By TicoandTina

July 25, 2020

Have you dipped your toes into minimalism, or wished to, but not been sure if it’s really worth it?

Not only are you able to save time, money, and energy, you’re able to stress less about the little things in life. Ditch your junk drawers, overflowing closet, and messy budget for a more sustainable lifestyle.

This might give you some leeway to be able to switch your time investments into money investments with a purpose.

We’ve been using Mint to manage our finances for many years now, and I love this graphic they created to illustrate some of the simple things you can do to create a more stress-free minimalist life you love.


About the author

We believe that you were made for greatness and that you don't need to wait for "someday" to start living it. We want to help you revitalize your "now" while also planning for a better "later".

What needs to be streamlined in your life to make room for greatness?

We keep it real here because let’s face it, we’re not all models and life is not a movie where everything wraps up into neat little packages in 90 minutes. Plus, laughing is one of our favorite activities.

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