November 7


10 TED Talks on Minimalism that Will Improve Your Money Habits

By TicoandTina

November 7, 2019

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A term we always hear is “less is more,” and minimalistic living is the perfect representation of this popular statement. Not only does living with less help save your pretty pennies, it can also encourage you to get rid of items in your apartment or house that are just collecting dust.

Minimalism is a lifestyle that chooses everything with intent and gets rid of things that cause distraction or serve no purpose in your life. When people eliminate distracting things from their lives, it opens new opportunities to focus on other things. One of the biggest impacts minimalistic living can have is the potential to manage budgeting more efficiently.

Adopting this lifestyle isn’t really as easy as it sometimes looks online, though. It really takes a high level of discipline. If you need some extra inspiration to help you in your quest to live with less stress and more of what matters to you, Mint created this infographic listing of inspirational TED Talks on the topic. Learn how this lifestyle can help you spend less and begin your path to a debt-free life.

(Click each blurb to access the video.)

The Moneyless Man The Art of Letting Go Getting Rid of 1000 Things Less Stuff, More Happiness From Clutter to Clarity Sell Your Crap, Pay Your Debt, Do What You Love The Ten-Item Wardrobe The Less You Own, the More You Have Get Rid of the unnecessary to Get Down to Basics Minimalism - for a More Full Life

One focus of minimalism is decluttering your physical space of material items and only keeping or purchasing things that provide the utmost value to you. When you only buy what you really need, this allows you to shift your budget, putting more towards your savings and purchasing products or services you need to be healthy and successful.

Thanks, Mint, for sharing this great resource with us! 🙂


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