25 Simple & Free Christmas Activities

By Tico+Tina

Last updated April 13, 2017

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Although it’s easy to feel pressure to do all sorts of things during the holiday season, if you stop and think about it for a bit, you realize it’s usually the simple moments that create the most nostalgia.

The act of being together, no matter what you’re doing, is what matters most.

25 Simple & Free Holiday Activities to help you appreciate the simple things - family activities, being together

Here are 25 Simple & Free Christmas Activities to help you stay grounded and enjoy each other.

  1. drive around looking at lights
  2. go caroling
  3. make fun decor together – snowflakes, ornaments, paper chains, etc.
  4. have a holiday movie night
  5. make cards
  6. go shopping for simple gifts or make gifts together
  7. have a game night
  8. make funny photo props and take silly pictures
  9. have a snowball fight or go sledding or snowmobile-ing
  10. make snow cream!
  11. read Christmas stories together, or pick a chapter book and read it aloud with hot cocoa
  12. take on some holiday baking and/or decorate cookies, with the added bonus of making it smell festive
  13. play flashlight tag
  14. make a holiday scavenger hunt
  15. make the perfect holiday playlist
  16. visit a living nativity or other plays/programs
  17. attend a holiday parade
  18. find the perfect tree
  19. decorate a gingerbread house
  20. try out a new recipe to consider adding to your holiday menu
  21. come up with a new holiday tradition
  22. have a slumber party under the Christmas tree
  23. make funny videos – you can challenge each other to come up with skits, or use something easy like Crazy Helium Booth
  24. look up your local library, YMCA, community center, or church activities
  25. write a madlib holiday letter for friends & family

What other ideas can you think of?

31 ways to simplify the holiday season - makeroomforgreatness.com

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