3 Easy Steps to Uncover Your Life Values

By Tico+Tina

Last updated October 24, 2017

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Whether you’re a personality quiz junkie type personal like me, or just interested in an easy way to re-ignite your motivation, this simple exercise will change how you view your day-to-day activities and help you learn how to stay energized.

1. Think of the 3 activities that most energize you.

These should be things that you would drop other stuff to do if you could, that you could get lost in for a long time and not  want to stop doing, and that make you excited about life. (scroll down for our answers if you need some examples to get you started)

2. Consider what it is about these activities that you really enjoy.

This part takes a little more thought because the goal is to get beyond the surface “it’s fun” or whatever, to the core of why it’s fun to you.

3. Compare and evaluate your answers.

  • Are there any themes that stick out from the different activities?
  • Do the answers you came up with feel like they fit you, or do you need to dig deeper? (It may help to ask someone who knows you well if they can see anything you’re missing.)
  • Are these the values and motivations you want to have prominent in your life?

One of the reasons I find this exercise so helpful is that it enables me to more quickly recognize if there are day-to-day activities that aren’t serving me as much as I wish they were.

Getting re-energized is important, but the kinds of things that are easy to default to for chill/relax time may be more mind-numbing than motivating (like watching a show/movie, reading a mindless book, scrolling through social media, gaming, etc.). They may or may not actually be giving us the boost we really want or need.

I have to admit that more often than not, after spending a bunch of time in those kinds of activities I’m more likely de-motivated, and certainly not energized.

What motivates us? (examples)

We’re sharing these because I always wish for examples to help jump-start my own process, and because it forced us to nail them down for ourselves. Your activities and motivations may look very different from ours – there aren’t any wrong answers!

My top three energizing activities and core values/motivations are:

1. learning about/discussing new ideas and digging into beliefs

Making sense of the way life works, how things fit together, what makes people tick, new ways of viewing old beliefs – that’s my jam.

  • core – greater understanding of Truth (freedom)
  • core – personal growth
  • core – connecting with others


2. working on new start-up type projects

I love envisioning how something could grow and impact people… I love brainstorming branding and identity and refining messaging.

  • core – dreaming big
  • core – brainstorming and exercising creativity
  • core – making an impact/difference in people’s lives


3. curating/editing/simplifying/refining

I wasn’t really sure how to title this, but I love breaking big things down to core elements and eliminating excess. That’s probably why I dig minimalism so much. I also love developing collections of helpful resources. I enjoy doing this for my own life, but especially when I can share it to better others’ lives.

  • core – streamlining my life in order to make a bigger impact on the world
  • core – helping people find greater freedom so they are more empowered to make their own unique impact on the world
  • core – bringing greater order to things


David’s top three energizing activities and core values/motivations are:

1. studying something he’s interested in – a new coding language, crypto currencies, ancestry stuff, etc.

core – bettering self

2. streamlining systems – looking at the big picture to determine better ways of doing things

core – creating order

3. working with a team to accomplish a clear goal

core – being useful

We’d love to hear some of your favorite activities and top motivations!

*Thanks to some (pretty cool) friends of ours who introduced us to this exercise (which they learned from another friend)!

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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