adrift at sea

By Tico+Tina

Last updated January 14, 2014

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the title of this post would probably make more sense if we were currently on a cruise or something. I wish. I was actually just replying to a comment in our last post saying that we feel like we’re adrift at sea with no idea where the shore is and people in the boat with us who are waiting for us to tell them what’s going on… oh, we also have no method of determining our way other than the sun, which peeks out of the clouds every so often, only to disappear just as we’re getting a bit warm.

I don’t think anyone quite knows how to feel in the middle of a big unknown.

we’re very much your average sort of people, so…

it’s interesting, to say the least!

the last few days we’ve been staying with a good friend of mine in Indiana and we got two great interviews that we can’t wait to share! (go check out some pictures from them and the recent vlogs over at the travel blog – don’t forget to follow if you haven’t yet!)


we’re now in Chicago staying with the Jesus People. I’ve mentioned before how we have always kind of wanted to live in some kind of community living scenario, so we were definitely looking forward to spending a little time here.


I have to admit, though, when we first arrived last night I felt so. out. of. my. element. this whole thing definitely feels like we’re little kids playing dress up as adults. please tell me that there is a point in life where you actually feel like you always thought as a kid that adults feel?


we are constantly being reminded of how easy we make our lives by settling into comfort zones and constructing our worlds such that everything makes sense. when you’re shoved out of your comfort zone you start to question everything just a bit.


anyone can maintain at least some modicum of Christ-likeness in comfortable circumstances, but when you’re being stretched, when the feelings you’re used to are replaced by discomfort, well… all bets are off. whoever you really are and whatever you really rely on comes to the surface.

that can be a scary thing.

but I think it’s a good thing to take that journey. we’re doing our best to embrace it… one day at a time.

bctbeach2we’re so happy to have you as part of our journey!!!

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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