The Art of Creating a Balanced Life

By Tico+Tina

Last updated September 26, 2022

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A balanced life …

The other day my daughter’s art class was talking about positive vs negative space, and how the way you use them in your composition will evoke different feelings.

It occurred to me that this concept is very relevant in life – and being intentional about the balance is an apt analogy for minimalist living.

the Art of Creating a Balanced Life - life as art | minimalism, minimalist living, simple living

Positive space is the subject of the composition.

The space surrounding the subject is called negative space.

When our lives are filled with too much positive space and not enough negative space (I know that sounds a little confusing), it means that there are too many “subjects” and everything looks like a jumbled mess.

Minimalism is about creating the right balance of space so that the important things are able to shine as the subjects of your life art.

Let’s say, for example, you want your subject to be your family.

When you look at your artwork can you see everyone clearly, and do they look happy to be there? Or is the baby covered up by a pile of laundry, or maybe an open computer is taking up too much of the canvas so that the rest of the family barely has space to peek around it?

The stuff crowding out the space in your canvas can be anything, and just as no one expects you to be an art prodigy, no one expects you to figure this out overnight.

Life and art both take practice, but neither are beautiful without meaning.

We believe that God is the ultimate artist, and that each life is one of his numerous works of art.

Sometimes we think things are looking really great, and then he goes and decides to paint a “happy little tree” right on top of part of the picture that you didn’t really want covered up (Bob Ross anyone? 😉 ). And wouldn’t you know it but somehow he makes it look better than what we were originally aiming for.

Getting to paint with God is one of the coolest things ever. No matter what paint spills we may have, or what others may splatter on our canvas, the Master Artist always knows how to make it beautiful.

As you add more brush strokes to the artwork of your life each day, why not ask him what color to use, which brush will do the best work? And try not to fill the canvas with clutter, hey? 😉

What do people see when they look at your life,
does your desired subject shine through?

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Exploring Minimalism

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