Balanced LEMON Assessment

LEMON Leadership Online Quiz

This leadership style assessment is inspired by the book LEMON Leadership by Brett Johnson. Although we got a lot of value from the book, we were frustrated with trying to assess our leadership types from the questions in the book, so I took on a personal challenge to create my own assessment based off of the concepts in the book and try out the quiz functionality on our site, which you can access below. It’s fun, though a bit clunky.

2021 Update: I discovered that there is a true LEMON Leadership online assessment here, and Brett recommended we become affiliates for that, so head on over and check it out 🙂

lemon leadership online assessment

You could also take an assessment for people in relationships here, or a self-study LEMON for Lovers class here.

Our Own Leadership Styles Assessment

(only main style result, no secondary or other style scores)

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