7 Real Life Personal Stories of Becoming Minimalist

By Tico+Tina

Last updated September 26, 2022

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There are quite a variety of reasons people choose minimalism, and different methods they take to get there. I think it’s very helpful to hear personal stories, so I’ve gathered a few here that I found on YouTube. (There are many more to be found, especially  if you want to watch longer videos, and even more stories just in writing on blogs.)

It's easy to read about the minimalist lifestyle and think, yeah, that's great for them but wouldn't work in my life. Maybe one of these personal stories will help. | 31 Days Exploring Minimalism | minimalist living, becoming minimalist, simple living

I love, love, love Carrie LeighAnna’s take on minimalism and her reference to Freedom of Simplicity: Finding Harmony in a Complex World – definitely putting it on my reading list!

Bundlez mommy reached the last straw after moving into a new house and realizing it didn’t help her life the way she thought it would. She talks about her decision to become minimalist here,


Then she updates a few weeks later with details of what she’s done so far.


Interior designer, Baiyina Hugley, shares her biggest hang-up with minimalism – bargain shopping – and how she has been able to deal with it.

Timothy Ward observed a lot of consumerism, especially tied to the holiday season that turned him off and led him to shape his life differently.

Kathy Roberts’ journey involved realizing how much of her identity was tied up in stuff, and how freeing it was to change that.

Rosetta Thurman’s becoming minimalist story is a classic example of how having a “big yes” makes the “no’s” easy. (The static that shows up part way through doesn’t last long – from personal experience, I think her mic battery was low :))
Angie Salama walks us through her little-by-little process in paring down.

Can  you relate to any of these stories?

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Exploring Minimalism

Want to explore more of what it means to be minimalist and the resulting space and freedom it creates in your life? Let’s take simple living from something you wish for to something you actually do!

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