June 22


Behind the Scenes: Garage Sale Haul, Vegetarian Meatballs, and Costa Rica WINS!!!

By TicoandTina

June 22, 2014

behind the scenes, vlog

This week we were kinda trying to recover from our off schedule last week… Neither of us really wanted to go garage sale-ing, but Maverick in particular really needed a wardrobe for this next year. It’s a good thing we went because I think now he’s set, and all for only $20! We also wanted to get the kids some bikes. Maeve kinda outgrew the one she had, and Maverick hadn’t had one yet. As an added bonus, we found a really nice mower with a free sign by the side of the road. David just barely managed to fit it in along with the bikes 🙂

We’ve been happily making use of some of the freezer meals I made the other week, and we’re especially enjoying the different vegetarian “meat” I made trying something new for us – bulgar (or bulgur). You can see some vegetarian “ground hamburger” below, and vegetarian meatballs in the video at the bottom. It works so well!

I don’t know about you, but the World Cup games have been on in our house quite a lot. It gets especially loud for the Costa Rica games! David stood up wearing his home country flag basically the whole game because he felt too tense to sit down. It’s been a really amazing ride for Costa Rica so far. No one expected them to make any goals, let alone actually WIN a game because they got stuck playing 3 previous World Cup champions apparently. Well, they’ve managed to win both of their games so far, and now I’m even excited for their next game. I just hope they bring it against England (?) as great as they did against Uruguay and Italy!

And now the rest of our random adventures last week.


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