Behind the Scenes: Hauling a Tiny House!

By Tico+Tina

Last updated November 15, 2017

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There is so much stuff lined up to post, but I’ve been trying to get everything caught up and back on track with videos first because we have some pretty cool things coming up.

SO, here’s another Behind the Scenes and it brings us current with this week!

This was basically a for-fun trip, doing MI fall stuff and family stuff, like my brother’s birthday 🙂

Fun #fall day on Saturday ?

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Then we were back home for a bit and realized we should NOT be there anymore! I also leveled up in age.

And finally, we got to go on a super fun date and then started the first leg of our migration south by picking up my brother’s family and their tiny house! David’s hand narrowly escaped major damage along the way…

Stay tuned for the adventures amping up soon!

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