Behind the Scenes: Summer 2017

By Tico+Tina

Last updated November 8, 2017

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We were all over the place in 2017 – we started the year out in Mexico, spent a couple months in Costa Rica, back to Mexico and Texas for a couple months, “home” for a couple weeks, Michigan for a couple months, Georgia for a couple weeks, back to Michigan for a couple weeks, and then finally “home” again, but with several other shorter trips to MI…

It has been a really full but really wonderful year! (pictures here)

But also… I got pretty behind on editing our vlogs (AKA personal video diary of memories to look back on).

And now, we’re going to be trying something new – putting up the main videos here on the site and just putting snippets on our YouTube channel. It’s an experiment…

So without further ado – here’s what we captured of what we did this summer 🙂

More throwback from @stonemountainpark – 4D Ice Age ?

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We took my brother and his family with us on our roadtrip to GA and had grand fun at what my aunt likes to call “Camp Kiki”, because she loves spoiling family 🙂 We had a project we were working on during the weeks, but spent weekends there together, so this is a compilation of those.

We hung out here the other day. It was rad.

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Back in MI, we had more adventures, one of which was tubing down a river with friends, and I burned my legs badly enough that they swelled up!

Back at home base, the kids got to go backyard camping (my favorite kind, if there is such a thing) with their cousins.

Then we headed to MI again for a work meeting and surprise party…

Back home again, the kids had yearly check-ups and also got into trouble with a second backyard camping with cousins.

Then it was time to start a bunch of new things…

Let us know if you have any thoughts about this new format. I’m hoping to post some “behind the scenes” at least once a month, but maybe more depending on what makes the most sense, because the kids really want to get back to making other fun videos, too.

Any other thoughts on what you’d like to see from us? We’d love to chat 🙂

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