Behind the Scenes

By Tico+Tina

Last updated January 13, 2014

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Some snippets of our life lately…

Last week in work: working on some of our bigger “why” of blogging… talking over some of our heart in it. We’ve started to make some of the changes, as you can probably see (also here). Always a work in progress, it’s mainly a functional change right now as opposed to really an aesthetic one – we’ll see when that comes 😉 What do you think of our little tagline of sorts, LOL? But seriously. Do you find it off-putting?

Last week in personal: we got to stay home most of the week, Maeve did the first book reports of her school career, and she also had a little fever going on over the weekend so we stayed home from church. Also, this happened.

and this

This week in work: starting work on a logo for a super cool project that Natalia of Ma Nouvelle Mode and Hillary of Because My Life Is Fascinating are working on. Also working on a wedding logo for a dear friend of mine who is getting married at long last. I wanted her to marry my brother, but I guess I’ll let that slide 😉 So happy for her!

This week in personal: on Wednesday, unless it snows >.< , we have some church work in the morning, Maeve’s choir class in the afternoon, and my women’s Bible study thing in the evening. Friday is Maeve’s co-op classes, church work in the afternoon, and usually hanging out with some friends in the evening. In between all of that is mostly the usual – work, homeschool, play. We had a crazy couple of weeks of go, go, going, but thankfully we’ve been able to be home a little more recently.

Is everyone ready for springing forward this weekend??? Can’t believe it’s already time for that. The weather around here seems to be a bit confused, but we saw a robin the other day, so spring has to be coming, right?! What are you guys doing this week?

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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