The Best 365 Projects I’ve Seen {inspiration}

By Tico+Tina

Last updated September 26, 2022

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I've always thought 365 projects are cool. My personality just loves the idea of them for so many reasons. These are some of the best 365 projects I've come across.

This lady wore the SAME dress, every day, for 365 days. I find that truly dope.

This lady made and hid an art jar (almost) every day for a year.


This lady decided to refashion a different, thrifted item of clothing every day for a year.

This guy walked through China and let his hair and beard grow and made a sweet video.

Selfie Every Day (there are numerous people who do this)

This girl did a selfie every day for 4 years.

This guy did one every day for 12.5 years!

This lady decided to challenge herself to make a bird every day for a year – many are sketched, but some are other things, like a potato carving, for example 🙂


And finally, probably the most life-changing 365 project we’ve witnessed, and continue to watch, this very ordinary guy named Shay decided to upload a video every day for one year. It got kind of big and he turned it into his job. That’s badass.

Have you seen other 365 projects we need to check out? Tell us!

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