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I don’t think any of us knowingly signed up for more stress and chaos in our lives, but sadly that’s where I think many of us find ourselves.

It’s the residual effect of how the American Dream has evolved over the years, and it’s become our new normal.

In early 2012, I was fed up with this “normal”, and in desperation started searching for a solution, which led me to something called minimalism – old as time, and yet a new message for our modern day.

Minimalism challenges what you thought you knew about what you wanted in life.

If pursuing “the dream” has you in a crazy cycle, or if you’re not even sure what the dream is anymore; if feeling stressed, hurried, or regularly behind is more common for you than you’d like, I invite you to explore the possibility of less stress and more of what matters to you.

What began as a 31 day series, continues to be updated over time.

The collection you’ll find here offers an overview of what minimalism is, and isn’t, highlights different types of people living the version of minimalism that works best for them, and most of all, provides the opportunity to evaluate what role minimalism might play in finding more space and freedom in your life for what matters.

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