I’ve loved creating for as long as I can remember, starting out in drawing and experimenting briefly with painting and a few other things. My current mediums are writing, music, and design.

I’ve never felt like an artist in the traditional sense, though, because it never came as naturally to me as I felt it should. I guess I identify more with the label of “creator”.

I recently realized (through glimpses of experiencing it myself) that some people really SEE things in their minds as clearly (and even clearer) than if it was right in front of them. I can’t wait until I’m operating fully in that ability because I can only imagine it’s going to open things up much bigger for me artistically.

I really admire artists who are very hands-on and create tactile-y, but I’ve always been largely too impatient, looking for shortcuts. This really messed with my attention to detail and perfectionist tendencies… but I feel like I’ve gotten better with that balance over the years.

My desire has always been to shine light on truth and love through whatever I create, and my hope is to get more and more out of my head and develop much more in the soul of creating.

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