Simplify = Crush Chaos!

Create time in your life.

Are you frustrated that there are so many things you want to improve in your life?

Maybe you want to eat healthier, parent better, have a better relationship with God, or a million more?

We’ve noticed in our own lives that what usually happens is one of two things.

  1. It’s too overwhelming to know where to start, so we procrastinate, telling ourselves we’re waiting for the right time. (Raise your hand if you know that moment never really comes… we all complain about the holidays being so crazy, but when we save all our “someday” stuff for the summer, it turns out to be pretty crazy full, too.)
  2. Or we get motivated and try to overhaul our lives, tackling a bunch of things at once, only to slowly fall back into our old, comfortable habits as this or that situation pops up and life feels too crazy to keep up with our lofty goals.

Can you relate?

Here's some good news!

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