Can You Trust the Rainmaker Family? An In-Depth Review of the Process Behind the Rainmaker 7 Day Challenge and Mastermind

By Tico+Tina

Last updated June 25, 2024

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Because we recommend the Rainmaker Challenge, we keep an eye on how things are going with the Rainmaker Family community and the way Stephen & Chelsey Diaz are leading and innovating. Anytime something sees success and gains popularity quickly there are bound to be growing pains and adjustments that need to be made, and it's the way that's all handled that builds credibility and longevity, or not.

Although I had complete confidence in Stephen's ability as a mentor and entrepreneur before we got into Rainmakers, I had no idea how things would look in a growing community over time because one-on-one mentorship is completely different than leading an ever-changing group of people with diverse backgrounds and needs.

Bottom line, everything we've seen since joining in 2019 has only increased our confidence in Stephen & Chelsey's integrity and commitment to helping their community succeed over and over again with above and beyond quality at scale.

We did witness some growing pains as things are always in flux, from the pandemic to the constantly shifting landscape of the Amazon marketplace, but the Rainmaker family just continues to pivot and find more ways to support the many families in their program.

In 2024, Stephen started pulling back the curtain more than ever before with impressive transparency about the systems they've put in place that they continue to tweak and expand in order to make sure they're always serving the community to the absolute utmost of their ability, which includes bringing many other teachers and innovators in to add value.

How the Rainmaker Community Sets You Up for Success

While you can definitely succeed in developing an Amazon business on your own from the process taught in the Rainmaker 7 Day Challenge, the support inside the Rainmaker program is second-to-none! They've developed an impressive behind-the-scenes dashboard that begins tracking you as soon as you join so they can tell if you're getting stuck somewhere and personalize your support.

From determining your archetype approach to challenges and coaching, to tracking course progress and hitting recommended milestones they've mapped out (there are around 15 of those), the team is doing its best to keep an eye on the health of your journey and implementing retention pathways where they can to get you back on track toward success when you get stuck.

Personalized Pathway Breakdown

One thing Rainmakers provides that is so key for stuff like this is a very practical assessment for you to determine a more personalized path to take in your entrepreneurial journey. It's very common for programs like this to be presented as a one-size-fits-all and you're the problem if you couldn't make it work. Rainmakers is big on teaching the mindset that's needed to succeed, which includes personal responsibility, and Stephen models that as a leader by taking responsibility in every way he possibly can for the success of the families in the community. In this case, that means not leaving people behind who come into the program with more obstacles, but rather meeting them where they're at by finding and developing the resources they need. There's even a whole "Make Money NOW" section of trainings to help people get started quickly and provide for the cost of inventory and other startup things. Some of those methods are even taught in the initial Rainmaker Challenge because that's how much Stephen & Chelsey want you to succeed!

This is a breakdown Rainmakers provides to give you a realistic perspective on getting started, and as you can see, there's a broad range of possibility. The goal is to help you maximize your budget, and methods are taught that even enable you to start from $0.

  • Hustle Mama: $15-25k devoted to her business in the 1st year, lower time availability and more financial stability because she's working a well paying job.
  • Boxed Mama: $5-15k devoted to her business in the 1st year, higher time availability, less financial stability, often getting by on single income household.
  • Stuck Mama: $5k or less devoted to her business in the 1st year, lower time availability + less financial stability, often on a single income household (she's possibly a single parent, working a time consuming job that doesn’t pay great).
  • Rainmaker Mama: What our program is designed to do to help transform the lives of our three Mama Pathways - high time availability and high financial flexibility.

Stephen & Chelsey want to see everyone in their community become Rainmaker Mamas! Different choices and levels of risk are recommended based on where you're starting from on your path to get there.

Rainmaker Success Coaching

The coaching team is subdivided into coaches dedicated to mastering and staying on top of each phase of the process, including continuing professional development with outside events related to their specific phase. Each phase has a lead coach keeping an eye on the overall success of the coaches and people in that phase, even reviewing coaching calls as needed. Coaches are challenged to set personal goals with metrics of how they're helping their clients, and then challenged to keep improving those metrics. They get extremely granular with the metrics they're tracking with how coaches are helping the community, down to the ratio of filler words used in coaching calls - I'm telling you, it's crazy.

Rainmaker Community Feedback

Beyond monitoring an open feedback form, every mentorship and coaching call and each course module specifically requests your feedback for the team to gage how they're helping and where things could be improved, and your feedback is incentivized by unlocking bonuses.

How Can You Set Yourself Up for Success?

While the Rainmaker team bends over backward to serve you in every capacity, it's a two-way street and how you show up for yourself in your own life will have the greatest impact on your journey. Here are some of the ways Stephen recommends setting yourself up for greater success.

  1. Schedule time to learn
  2. Schedule time to take action (do the work!)
  3. Share transparently with your success coach or someone on our team
  4. Take ownership of what you can control
  5. Surround yourself with an abundant-minded, positive community

All these and more checks and balances are in place to nurture the culture Stephen & Chelsey have worked hard to develop for the Rainmaker Community. Speaking of that culture, it's an incredibly inspiring one that you may want to borrow for your own life! These culture points are used with permission, taken from a Rainmaker living document that gets updated periodically.

The Culture of Rainmaker Community

Family First Always

Entrepreneurship and wealth creation will only amplify what’s already going on in your marriage and family life. If there are cracks in your foundation, entrepreneurship has a way of revealing them. This is an invitation to healing those cracks and building a solid foundation that legacy can stand on. Family needs to take priority over business. Our business serves our family, not the other way around.

Roots Before the Fruits

Internal growth and transformation with you and your family often has to come before business growth. If these things are coming up in your life as you grow in Rainmakers, lean into them! It’s an invitation to the next level of growth. There’s a difference between breakthrough and sustaining breakthrough. Many people can have a breakthrough, however only those who’ve done the internal work can sustain the breakthrough.

Abundance Over Lack

Focus on what you lack, and it'll put you in a downward spiral of more lack. Focus on what you HAVE, and it will be multiplied...more than you could hope or imagine. Shift your language away from “lack”.

Caretakers of One Another

We have each other’s backs when bullets are flying.

Embody Ownership

We don’t blame others, we take ownership always. This creates a culture of ownership and empowers others to do the same.

Solutionaries Always

No problem comes without hopeful possibilities attached.

How Can I Mindset

We shift our default thinking from  "I Can't" to "How Can I?"

Community Over Competition

There’s more than enough to go around - we share our secrets, as a rising tide lifts all boats. We give more than we receive in this community and celebrate others in their journey.

Check The Fruit

To judge a tree we check its fruit. If it’s producing rotten fruit, the tree is no good. If it’s producing good fruit, it’s good. One rotten fruit can ruin a whole batch (it’s contagious). Check the fruit in someone’s life, actions, and words before letting them influence you. Is the fruit of their words lack, negativity, death, destruction, victim mindset? Or is the fruit of their words abundance, peace, joy, truth, and love? What are the results you want in your life? Eat accordingly.

Growth Minded

We take ownership over our growth and are personally responsible for it.

Victorious Not Victims

This is happening “for me”, not “to me”. We are not victims to the big, bad, scary Amazon or algorithms, we are powerful people who rise above circumstances.

Faith Over Fear

Faith and fear are both beliefs. Fear is a belief in an outcome we don’t desire. Faith is a belief in an outcome we do desire. We as Rainmakers don’t camp in fear, we keep moving forward in faith. It’s okay to be scared (state of mind), we just don’t camp there (state of being) as it’ll stall you out. All fear is fear of death at its root. Death of your finances, death of relationships, death of reputation. In Rainmakers we believe you can have life and life to the fullest and that starts with faith, believing in that positive outcome you desire!

Impact Multipliers

Why grow 1 tree when you can grow orchards. We focus on results that give birth to more results, looking for stewardship and multiplication opportunities.

Our personal experience with Rainmaker Mastermind

See our average family journey and personal review of the program here.

We're well-acquainted with being stuck in soul-sucking survival mode, and the intense internal friction of not living in alignment with your potential. We're all about discovering, creating, and sharing adulting cheat codes™ so you can level up faster! -David (Tico) & Chris(tina)

As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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