When You Can’t Even Fail Successfully…

By Tico+Tina

Last updated March 19, 2019

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I really don’t remember how I was going to spin this title, but it’s certainly how I feel right now…

Like, we’re not even doing a great job of failing, because it’s not like we’re trying a ton of stuff that we can learn from!

And I’m sick of hearing myself say it’s because we’re busy with other things right now, but there isn’t anything else to pin it on. It’s just the truth that we’re currently prioritizing other stuff.

Usually you can learn from your failure, but not when you're not even trying... | blog income report

In July, over 33K people visited the site for over 62K pageviews.

What’s still working… or not:

We were working on our niche posts experiment in July, so we only made one post here. (!)

It’s safe to say that not posting is not working well…

New stuff we tried in July:

I made updates to our About page and the category pages – I’m working on formatting them all better since I have more easy control over that now using Thrive Themes. It will take a while to get things the way I want them, but we’re definitely making progress.

Our homepage is set up like a landing page right now. Not quite sure how I feel about it yet.

David added an Amazon bar at the top of the site, and was also working on optimizing our Amazon affiliate stuff in some other places. Payouts are up a bit, so perhaps that is paying off?

Earnings Breakdown:

(As might be expected in a post about money online, some of these may be affiliate links, which means that at no cost to you, we earn a small percentage if you choose to purchase something. We don’t bother being affiliates of things we don’t like, that would just be lame.)
























Sales - $0.00

*too embarrassed to talk about how many months we haven't gotten around to doing anything with this...


Affiliate - $482.63

Like I said earlier, Amazon is up this month, possibly due to optimizations David’s been working on. We’re also getting payments from another affiliate product again, though it’s not caught up yet.


YouTube - $82.42

Our top earner, Telling Kids They’re Getting Shots, is still carrying the bulk of our earnings, but views were down this month from last.

In July, Managing Receipts with Wave App and How to Shop Like a Minimalist were our next top earners. It’s always interesting to see what stuff filters to the top – we haven’t promoted anything and all of these are old videos.


Sponsored Content - $0.00

We've been so busy I haven't been pursuing this.


Blog Ads - $381.86

Another low... still a bit of a waiting game to see how things are performing with the new design layout.

Expenses - $99.00

  • Hosting was normal since we had lower traffic.

What we did well:

I’m happy with the progress we’ve been making on updating the formatting throughout the blog, but wow, it is pretty overwhelming how far we have to go!

What we want to do better:

  • Actually focus on working with the blog! Everything has been very much of a side project/bare minimum because of all the stuff we’ve had going on in our personal lives.


As cliche' as it sounds, it's just true - failing to plan is planning to fail. We could have done much better through this process if we'd had a plan in place. 

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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