That you would be rooted and grounded in love...

We know how difficult it is to juggle the busyness of life and also do all the oh-so-important inner work.

You want to teach your kids to operate from a healthy mindset, develop great character, and have a good relationship with God, but it can feel like an uphill battle when there's so much you're still trying to figure out for yourself!

We're all just aware of SO MANY more ways to "be better/do better" now, thanks to the internet and the evolution of humanity's consciousness.

On one hand it's great we're learning how to understand ourselves more deeply, have more emotionally connected relationships, and live lives of greater purpose (for example), but on the other hand, it also adds to the nagging feeling that we could always be doing more.

We want to take some of that burden off your shoulders by providing simple, practical products and resources that work on your subconscious programming (help to renew your mind) as you go throughout your day.

from our family to yours

This is a small family business.

We're thankful to be able to homeschool our kids and work together from home.
You can find more about other things we do here, and find us everywhere online @ticoandtina

The History of Celebrate365 Co

The idea for Celebrate365 started in 2012 from a simple desire to gain experience creating and editing video + wanting to do some sort of 365 project with the intention of personal growth.

I'm always a big advocate of hitting as many objectives with an activity as possible, and family and fun are 2 factors I try to include whenever I can. Right around that time, I was amused by random holidays I saw popping up on social media, and I'd also been wanting to develop a family culture of celebration.

The dots just kind of connected, and we decided our 365 project would be figuring out some creative way to celebrate a different holiday each day as a family (mostly) and make a video of it. We started on June 1, 2013, and managed to bring a bunch of objectives together in this challenge!

  • gaining experience creating and editing video
  • growing in self-discipline
  • being stretched creatively
  • spending more time creating as a family
  • practicing seeing every day as special
  • taking more time for fun and special things
  • curating a calendar of all the holidays we could find

In August 2019, we were reminded to "work from rest" and we realized that in our hearts that looked like focusing on some sort of products together somehow. We had the opportunity to be part of an ecommerce group, and so we dove in with no idea whatsoever what that would would come out of it. One day in, we recognized what we wanted to do and bought the domain. Convergence.

In 2020-21, we continued to discover the deeper heart of Celebrate365. We realized that the root of celebration is gratitude, and that we ultimately want to "nurture the atmosphere of Heaven in hearts & homes" because Heaven is a celebration of love, beauty, goodness, power, and freedom that we have access to now!

 Â© 2021, Tico and Tina