Meet a Minimalist: Leo Babauta – Creating the Right Habits

By Tico+Tina

Last updated September 26, 2022

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Leo Babauta is arguably the most well-known minimalist, and he applies his minimalist mindset to everything but kids – he has 6! 🙂

In the past 9 years he has

  • Quit smoking (on Nov. 18, 2005).
  • Become a runner.
  • Run several marathons and triathlons.
  • Begun waking early.
  • Become organized and productive.
  • Begun eating healthier
  • Become a vegetarian.
  • Tripled his income.
  • Written a novel and a non-fiction book.
  • Eliminated his debt.
  • Simplified his life.
  • Lost weight (more than 50 pounds).
  • Written several best-selling ebooks.
  • Started a successful Top 25 blog.
  • Started a second blog for writers and bloggers.
  • Created a leading blog on minimalism.
  • Gave up his car, and is now car-free.

I think it’s safe to say that Leo has developed some good habits. Here are a few of our favorite things he has said recently:

What kinds of habits are you developing today and what do they say about what your life will look like tomorrow?

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Exploring Minimalism

Want to explore more of what it means to be minimalist and the resulting space and freedom it creates in your life? Let’s take simple living from something you wish for to something you actually do!

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