How I Crush My Morning Routine by Simplifying

By Tico+Tina

Last updated November 19, 2016

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How I Crush My Morning Routine by Simplifying: 5 steps | productivity, simplifyWe have this uber clingy bed that really doesn’t want us to get up until at least 8:00AM. Do you have one of those, too?

As a couple who works together from home, we tend to do our best work at night. Often we get in the zone and find that midnight has come and gone, which means early mornings don’t often agree with us.

When we need to be out the door at an earlier time in the morning, the efficiency nerd in me comes out. I don’t like to just get out the door happy that somehow I’m not wearing two different shoes; I like to crush my morning routine with at least 5 minutes to spare.

We live in a small town 30 minutes from normal civilization, so going out means taking all the stuff we need for the day, and usually even planning for a meal or two in there somewhere.

That just doesn’t happen without some fancy footwork.

Here’s how I set my morning routine up for a better-than-just-wearing-matching-shoes type of success!

1. A Good Plan

I’ll start planning our exit strategy the night before – thinking through the next day’s schedule in my head, going over everything that will need to go with us.

2. Prep Work

I’ll then pack whatever can be packed – extra clothes or special sports stuff, food, computers, etc. and make sure to leave our devices charging overnight. I put everything that’s ready to go in our “staging area”, and anything that needs a bit more in the morning I leave somewhere close together.

We also usually check what the weather is supposed to be like so we can plan what we’re wearing accordingly.

3. Staging Area

Forgetting stuff just bugs me – I really don’t feel like I crushed it if I forget something.

We circumvent this by having a “staging” space right by our door where we put everything that needs to go with us.

How I Crush My Morning Routine by Simplifying: 5 steps | productivity, simplify

Everyone in the family knows what’s there goes to the car, which makes loading easier for all of us. (For one thing, it cuts back on questions that take extra time.)

4. Sleep AMAP (As Much As Possible)

We give ourselves 30-45 minutes to get ready and out the door.

I mean, I did all that prep! I like to eke out as much shut-eye as I can.

When it’s time to wake up, though, I take on a kick-butt mentality, ready to crush the tasks at hand and beat my record for time to spare.

5. Liquid Energy

When bags are staged, I’m ready, the kids are getting ready and I know where their shoes are (if you haven’t ever been late because of a missing shoe, consider me impressed!), it’s time for my favorite part of starting the day.

There’s nothing better than heading out with the satisfaction of having absolutely crushed the getaway: everything and everyone in the car with time to spare, and a steaming cup of caffeinated nectar of the gods in my hand.

The problem with this step is that it can quickly turn into the “anti-crushing it”.

I’ve blown a 5-minute lead many times and turned it into 5 minutes late or worse…

  • Mugs in our house sometimes play hide-and-seek at utterly ridiculous times.
  • Coffee tends to be attracted to my shirt like termites to wood.
  • Some people have been known to leave their favorite coffee mug in unhelpful places…

How I Crush My Morning Routine by Simplifying: 5 steps | productivity, simplify

How I Simplify to Crush It!

Enter Dixie® To Go cups in my morning routine.

How I Crush My Morning Routine by Simplifying: 5 steps | productivity, simplify

It might initially sound like a little thing, but it really is all the little things that make up the big things, after all… The people who crush it are those who know how to put the “little things” together to best impact the big things.

  • I’m not scrambling around to find my favorite mug
  • The lids are tight and leak-resistant, which makes my shirts feel a lot safer.
  • The cup itself is sturdy
  • The insulated layer keeps your drink hot without melting your fingerprints off (a feature I always find rather practical in things you hold with your hand, but some cups just don’t seem to get).
  • Best of all, though, I don’t worry about my mug getting lost, or end up with a dirty mug rolling around in my car all day! (Who else knows clutter breeds clutter at an astonishing rate?)

How I Crush My Morning Routine by Simplifying: 5 steps | productivity, simplify

It’s getting to that time of year we all think of as particularly crazy.

For us, it’s when we’re preparing to head south for the winter.

On top of regular daily life and work commitments that don’t stop, we’re also having to think about what needs to be done before leaving homebase and what we’re taking with us for approximately the next 6 months.

We have less time than ever to stay on top of the everyday basics – it’s totally worth it to us to save time cleaning up by using disposable (recyclable) products!

(Check out 8 Things to Cut from Your Holiday Season to Reduce Stress for more ideas!)

Thanks Dixie for having our backs!

What tips & tricks do you have for crushing it?

We’d love to hear them because we’re always looking for ways to streamline and kick more butt!!!

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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