February 10


How to Develop Your Brand Personality

By TicoandTina

February 10, 2014

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This entry is part 6 of 8 in the series Rebranding Your Blog

At this point in our rebranding series, you’ve learned How to Know if You Should Rebrand, Why You Need to Stop Avoiding Niche-ing, How Finding Your Niche is Like Shopping for Shoes, 10 Questions to Find Your Niche or Personal Brand, and How to Brainstorm a Tagline that Does Its Job.

Now it’s time to think about your brand personality.

Something that can be very helpful in the branding process is to imagine your brand as a person. With a blog or personal brand, this may look a lot like you, but maybe you want to grow and develop something beyond who you are right now.

Answering questions like this can help you develop your brand personality:

  • What is this person’s name?
  • What kind of music does this person listen to?
  • What celebrity or fictional character does this person remind you of?
  • What is this person known for, what are their strengths?
  • What type of crowd is this person in?
  • What is this person’s favorite color and why?
  • What is this person’s personality?
  • At what type of restaurant does this person eat?
  • What does this person do in their leisure time?
  • What kinds of hobbies does this person have?
  • What is one of this person’s typical outfits?
  • How does this person relate with other people?

This is an example of an illustrated profile we put together from the answers a church gave. It’s not just a list of answers, but rather a visualization.


You could put together something like this or do something more like a mood board (I’d recommend a mood board either way – Pinterest is excellent for that) and put it somewhere you can see it when you’re working with your brand. Get to know your brand just like you would a new friend, or maybe like reconnecting with an old friend 🙂

Does it feel helpful to you to think about your brand as a person?

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