Eclectic + New Glasses, FTW

By Tico+Tina

Last updated September 26, 2022

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Style is such an ever-evolving thing… I have always loved and embraced a wiiide range of looks, so I don’t know that I’ve ever really settled on my style, per se. Personal style was the inspiration for this week’s Copycat Closet challenge, and this is what I ended up throwing together. I’m very much a simple makeup, big messy hair person, obiously, LOL. I think this outfit shows that I’m a little eclectic? Not sure. What I am sure about, though, is that I’ve been having fun wearing my new glasses from Firmoo this week! Firmoo has been taking the blogging world by storm and I was so happy with the chance to try them out, too!


Glasses are in Season

I don’t know about you, but I especially tend to prefer wearing glasses in the winter over my contacts. My eyes get more dry in this season and it’s just somehow so much more comfortable to wear glasses. However, I have not been liking the glasses I had for a long time – they always left an indent my nose so if I wasn’t going to wear them out I had to make sure to remember to change into my contacts hours before I was leaving so as not to walk around with a weird red line between my eyes.


Need versus Want

I’ve been really looking forward to trying a different pair of glasses that hopefully wouldn’t mess up my face, but also that were more fun than what I had and wouldn’t mind wearing out! But my prescription hasn’t changed in a quite a while and it’s not like I want my eyes to get worse, so while I really wanted something new, I didn’t really feel like I could justify it based on vanity.


FREE Glasses – what?!

Thankfully, Firmoo has a First Pair FREE Program, and with their refund/exchange options, how can you go wrong?! Even if you don’t need glasses to correct your vision, they can be a fun accessory to change up your look and feel a little smarter perhaps. 😉 It’s not like most people will know that you’re just having fun with trying something new – I certainly haven’t run across any prescription glasses police at the grocery store or anywhere yet anyway.

Problems with Firmoo

You want to know what my biggest problem with Firmoo was? I just couldn’t decide which glasses to get! 🙂 I really liked these glasses with the wooden legs, but then I realized that they weren’t in stock. I also wanted to try to get tortoise rather than black, but with as much as I love black and white and how popular it is for spring this year, I am happy with what I ended up with. I knew I wanted something more fun than I had, but I also didn’t want to be completely out of style in a year – which is maybe impossible. I was really thankful for everyone who chimed in on Facebook with their opinions on the choices I narrowed down through Firmoo’s virtual try-on system. The glasses in the first round ended up not being available, so we went on to round two.


What do you think about how my glasses compare in real life to the virtual trying on images?


I’ll admit, it took me a minute to get used to the glasses I chose, but I do really feel that trying them on virtually was pretty accurate! The key with that is to make sure you use a picture that is straight on. I had to laugh at how different the two pictures I tried using were, I think the first one my face was tilted a bit down.


From looking for glasses and trying them on virtually, to the service and shipping and the receiving and wearing – I’ve been extremely happy with Firmoo! I am so impressed by the quality of the glasses and I can’t tell you how much more comfortable they are than what I had previously. I hope to be wearing them for years to come – I’m going to have a hard time going to something different even when these do go out of style 😉 but thankfully Firmoo’s prices are so reasonable. Give them a try and let me know how it goes!

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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