Failing Into Success

By Tico+Tina

Last updated May 20, 2014

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This entry is part 31 of 31 in the series Embracing Life in Beta

When I started this 31 days journey I had every intention of writing each day because I intended to put up a lot of simple posts. I don’t know what happened, but somehow I discovered that I had a lot of thoughts about living life in beta, and somehow things evolved into something more complicated.

I think it’s really important to keep your commitments no matter what. Sometimes, unfortunately, things that we had already said “yes” to in the past suddenly take up more time than allotted for, and then what do you do?

The day that I realized I simply could not accomplish everything in that day that “needed” to be done, I decided to put off writing the post for that day, which promptly turned into only writing a couple more posts for the rest of the month, some of which were sponsored posts I couldn’t put off.

In my case, anything that has a deadline waits until the last second to get finished so that I can fit as much of the other necessary stuff in as possible. If something doesn’t have a deadline? well…………….. good luck to that thing.

That would explain why I ended up writing 19 blog posts today…

Somewhere, in that elusive state of being caught up on life, I can stay on top of all of these things. I can follow deadlines that I set for myself, no problem!

I’ve certainly wondered if catching up is a myth, but I want to continue to believe that it is possible!

The truth is, sometimes you really are failing in one area of your life,
but hopefully it is because you are succeeding in another area.

I’m happy to report that all the time I was not writing posts earlier this month I was indeed catching up on other things that needed to be done. Things that pay more of the bills than our blog currently does.

Of course it is important to prioritize and decide when it is ok to let something slide for awhile. (in my case, I tend to just do all the things that other people are depending on me for and let my own stuff slide, even if it might be important! not saying that’s good, just what my tendency is…)

It was very important to me to keep the commitment to finish this 31 days series, and if nothing else, the importance of working under a deadline has been illustrated to me in a big way today!

I failed for most of this month, but overall I am going to call this a success. I got caught up on a bunch of things I needed to do, kept the spirit of my commitment to myself at least, and actually wrote a number of great evergreen posts. It might take me awhile to go back and optimize everything, but…

Celebrate your little progresses!

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