15+ Fun Ideas for 365 Projects!

By Tico+Tina

Last updated September 26, 2022

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I already told you why you need to start a 365 project NOW. How about some inspiration and fun ideas for 365 projects?


Ideas for 365 Photography

Capturing a moment in time via photograph is probably the easiest type of 365 project to commit to and accomplish. It’s even easier with the 365project tools or the Project365 app (iOS) (Android)!

selfies – or of your child or as a couple (a few examples here)

a different color theme each month (here’s one example)


Find Inspiration from a List (there are tons of lists all over the internet, these are just a few)

Photo Friday posts a new theme each week on Friday (you wouldn’t have to participate, you could just be inspired by the theme)

iHeartFaces has monthly and weekly challenges

365 Ideas from A-Z

PhotoChallenge.org has a weekly challenge

Ideas for Other Types of 365 Projects

  • video or vlog – what if you made a new video each day? like us… because we’re those crazy people.
  • sketches or zen doodles – what if you sketched something each day?
  • journal or blog – what if you wrote every day? There are all sorts of sweet journals with prompts to help!
  • quotes – what if you found a new quote you love each day and compiled them?
  • acts of kindness – what if you did a simple act of kindness each day?
  • notes – what if you wrote a note to someone every day? handwritten or via Facebook, text, etc.
  • memorization – what if you memorized a new verse every day?
  • poems – what if you wrote a poem each day?
  • thankfulness – what if you recorded something each day that you are thankful for?
  • recipes – what if you tried a new recipe every day?
  • Pinterest projects (DIY) – what if you were crazy enough to do a Pinterest project every day?!
  • places – what if you went somewhere new every day? (maybe if you live in a big city, I don’t know)
  • learn something new – what if you learned something new every day, like a new word?
  • one new thing each day – what if every day you did something you’ve never done? This could get really silly and also funny.
  • working toward a goal – what if you did one thing every day that put you closer to a goal or dream?

This list could go on and on, and I’ll probably continue adding to it over time.

What are some ideas you could see yourself trying?

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