How to Find Your Personal Style for a Better Minimalist Wardrobe

By Tico+Tina

Last updated April 7, 2017

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It’s easy for some people to throw outfits together and look great, but others of us have a harder time of it, even with a minimalist wardrobe.

In this post I’m sharing why that is and how to understand your personal style so that you can look put together all the time with minimal effort.

just getting rid of clothes isn't enough - create a better minimalist wardrobe by finding your true personal style!

Part of my problem in the past was my practice of just “making do” with whatever was cheap instead of making more thoughtful purchases. Thankfully, I’ve already been doing better about that in developing a minimalist mindset, but my thought process had shifted from cheap to more practical and multi-use, as opposed to really focusing on creating my best style.

I’ve been slowly evolving my wardrobe, but haven’t really had any sort of guideline for my style other than, hey, I like this.

My taste has always been rather eclectic, ranging from grunge to hippy, and been described as bohemian.

As I’ve narrowed down my closet, my style has started to become more refined. Things I used to love wearing just don’t feel right anymore. It’s a bit disconcerting, but also intriguing.

The thing is, it’s easy to get rid of clothes and only have a few things, but that’s no guarantee you will look your best.

A while ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a personal style course called Dressing Your Truth. These before and after pictures illustrating properly incorporating the different elements amazed me.

before and after makeovers

I investigated it a bit and thought the program definitely had merit, but wasn’t sure I was ready to plunk down the money to really sort out my “type”.

find your personal style - Dressing Your Truth

Recently, there was the chance to join with a free trial, so I jumped right on that and went through the videos and assessments in 2 days.

I felt like I had a good enough idea of the guidelines that I didn’t need further support, so I went ahead and cancelled before the end of the trial, but then I ventured into a store and realized that I would definitely prefer to have the color part of the shopping guide they send you. So I got back in and paid for 1 month to get that.


Why I recommend Dressing Your Truth to find your personal style

  • the best way to have a minimalist wardrobe is to have the right items
  • the best way to have the right items is to know your best personal style
  • the best way to know your best personal style quickly is to thoughtfully assess it with help

It would have taken me years of trial and error to figure out what took only 2 days with this course.

I doubt I would have ever actually come to the conclusions of this course because I was on the path to stick with what I felt was simple, even though it wasn’t quite right.


What they teach with applying your type to all the different elements of style and aspects of your appearance makes a lot of sense to me.

There are many times something about an outfit has just felt off but I couldn’t put my finger on why – both for myself and in seeing other people.

Chances are, it had to do with dressing for the wrong type, and/or mixing elements from different types. That can happen easily when your main guideline is what you like or what’s “in”.


Other helpful parts of Dressing Your Truth

  • personalized tutorials
  • outfit inspiration
  • personal style finder

Why you might not like Dressing Your Truth

  • I can’t say I love the way they style people with this course, and you might not either. I plan to take the guidelines and completely adapt them to my own version of style.
  • Depending on your personality, you might just want to guess what your style is and jump ahead. If you do that, there’s a high chance you’ll make a wrong assessment.
  • The profiling is based on “energy” types, which can seem a bit hokey pokey to some. I feel it’s kind of semantics what you call it, and prefer to look at it as an aggregate of various aspects of your personality and giftings.
  • You might initially be a bit wary of the style for your type because you really like aspects of some of the other styles and dislike some of your own. Remember that you don’t have to wear all the colors or types of items they show – the point is to follow the guidelines.
  • You might try out some aspects of your type and not be happy with it – if you don’t make all the elements work together, it won’t work well together…

It turns out my mom is the same type as me, so I’m hoping to have fun figuring more of our type out with her this winter and documenting our journey.

There are elements of my wardrobe I’m going to have to get rid of, and some things I’ll need to consider purchasing. It’s going to take me some time to put together all the elements, but it’s a fun challenge, and definitely more fun with friends.

Are you ready to make sense of your personal style once and for all? Why not try it out!

(I’m not affiliated with this in any way and make no money from it, but sincerely believe it’s a helpful process to go through!)
Update: I now can get a small store credit for people who sign up, but full disclosure, I don’t like much for my type from their store… LOL.

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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