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Is the Rainmaker Challenge Legit? An Average Family’s Personal Experience Launching Amazon FBA Products

You may have seen an ad about the Rainmaker Challenge for selling on Amazon, or maybe a friend is trying to convince you to try it out and you're wondering if it's legit or one of those hyped up scams. Maybe you found out about the Rainmaker Challenge on Reddit when looking for ways to make passive income, orrrr maybe you've seen the Rainmaker Family in Forbes, Business Insider, or on the 2023 Inc 5000 and already know you definitely want in the next round and are looking for a Rainmaker Challenge promo code. If so, you're in luck, because you can find it ALL here, from our firsthand experience.

Spoiler alert: The Rainmaker Challenge is definitely not a scam, but there's way more to it than you might guess, and nothing in life is all sunshine and rainbows. You aren't likely to get rich quick from Amazon FBA, but there are thousands of families whose lives and legacies have been changed just by going through the 7-day Rainmaker Challenge, simply because the foundation and community are that good.

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase after clicking a link, we may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. This is used to fund the scholarship we offer for the Rainmaker Mastermind program.

Rainmaker Challenge Reviews

First of all, it might seem obvious, but the best place to find Rainmaker Challenge reviews is from those who have actually gone through the challenge themselves. There always seem to be people posting reviews on things they don’t have personal experience with because they have their own thing to promote and want to capture some of the traffic from other people’s business. That’s smart of them, but I’ll leave it to your intelligence to decide how legit their assessment of the Rainmaker Challenge would be 😉

You can find lots of reviews from moms and families who’ve actually been through the Rainmaker Challenge here and continue reading below for our personal experience with the seven day Rainmaker Challenge, Stephen & Chelsey, and our continuing experiences with the Rainmaker family.

(We also share our thoughts and feelings from going through the challenge in this video.)

Our Initiation with the Rainmaker Challenge and Stephen & Chelsey Diaz

Our experience with the family who runs the Rainmaker Challenge (also known as the Family Freedom Challenge by the Rainmaker family) started before we had any idea they did anything on Amazon. We met Stephen in early 2019 in a business group that was aligned with our values. He helped run Q&A mentoring sessions for people to get business idea assessments, next steps, how to take things to the next level, etc.

In August of that year, Stephen mentioned kind of in passing to me something that really stuck with me as a way to evaluate my mindset and approach at any given time and with any project – to remember to work from rest. You know how you can know something, but for some reason one day it just hits different and becomes part of you? I’ve since come across a quote that also really resonates with me and expounds on the concept.

amazon fba business coach stephen diaz

Everything achieved by effort must be maintained by effort. And everything achieved at rest can be maintained at rest.

Adrian Hayward

Stephen is one of several mentors who have helped highlight well to us the importance of the energy we bring to things in the form of our subconscious beliefs and how we think and speak. The action may be the same, but the energy or mindset behind it can be very different and thus have a very different outcome – a principle we’ve had much opportunity to see at work in our lives, and which you probably have, too, if you stop and think about it.

In September of 2019, we were excited to attend a conference our business group put on and meet some of the people we had gotten to know. We got to chat a bit with Stephen there, and I was surprised to discover how tall he was! There were quite a few people eager to talk with him because they appreciated the impact he makes in people’s lives.

personal rainmaker challenge review

Stephen’s ability to connect compassionately while steering interactions professionally is rare, and since we respected his wisdom, it was a no-brainer to us when we found out he was doing an Amazon-related challenge later that year. We were already experimenting with dipping our toes a bit into ecommerce, so it was a great fit.

By the end of the challenge week, we were so excited to continue learning and transition from the Rainmaker Challenge into the Rainmaker Mastermind! It’s not often you find a such a driven group of people who are committed to growing personally while also helping and supporting each other, but that’s the kind of atmosphere Stephen & Chelsey model and steward well.

Our Personal Experience Starting an Amazon FBA Business from the Rainmaker Challenge – Global Pandemic Version

Coming off of the 7-day challenge, we were all hyped up to decide on our first product and we found researching product opportunities kind of addicting! We had a few ideas that looked like possible winners in the Rainmaker Power Profit Tool and took next steps with getting some quotes for manufacturing. Doing that helped to narrow down what made the most sense to start out with versus what might be an option for sometime down the road.

We settled on affirmation cards with a mandala coloring/gratitude meditation twist because

  • as a designer, it was an easy product for me to create
  • it was simple and inexpensive to print
  • it was small, so shipping costs and Amazon fees would be less
  • it was a really low startup cost all around
rainmaker challenge review - starting an amazon fba business

Unfortunately, between the timing of the Chinese New Year, and the pandemic ramping up in China, our product manufacturing got delayed. Then, once our product finally arrived and we were ready to send it in to Amazon, they were only allowing low quantities due to pandemic-related delays in the US. So we ended up getting to learn about fulfilling Amazon orders ourselves in addition to Amazon handling orders for us, which meant scrambling around to find and order mailing supplies, keeping up with orders, and making runs to the post office.

Basically, it was a bit of a different learning curve than we had initially prepped for through the Rainmaker Challenge, and everyone was navigating something a bit new together at that time. Since we had joined the extended mentoring community we were able to glean from others’ experience and get answers and support when we ran across obstacles.

The reality is that there will always be unforeseen obstacles and challenges that you come up against when starting any business, and Stephen & Chelsey are honest about that. Fortunately, with the kind of community they foster, there’s almost always someone who’s had to deal with the same kind of issue who can lend advice or help solve the problem.

rainmaker mastermind manifesto

The methods taught through Rainmaker Academy are low-risk and low-cost startup, so if you follow the process you should at least be able to break even with your first product, at worst. Many people do much better than that.

All things considered, our inaugural product wasn’t as wildly successful as we could have wished, but we did make the Rainmaker Benjamin club ($100 in a day) and eventually sell through our inventory to order a second run. We want to play the long game and build equity in a brand, so that’s what we’re starting to work on now with developing more products and considering how to best show up on social media.

rainmaker challenge review benjamin club

For various reasons we’ve been slower starters than many of our Rainmaker peers, but part of the beauty of the community is that no matter what stage you’re in or how you prefer to work, there are others right there with you. You’re always encouraged to keep “moving the needle” – determining the next step and continuing forward at your own pace.

Our Top 3 Reasons for Being Rainmakers

1. The Rainmaker Community is very family oriented!

Many Rainmakers are homeschooling moms and families, or parents who want to be able to be home with their kids, and many have already successfully accomplished that, or even enabled their spouse to quite a 9-5. We already both worked from home prior to joining the Rainmaker Challenge, but it’s been cool for our kids to see a bit of the process of making our own products, and we’re starting to get them more involved in ways they can help, like with creating content and packaging our newest product.

rainmaker academy family stephen and chelsey diaz

2. The Rainmaker Family is always discovering new ways to level up together.

Stephen & Chelsey are constantly adding more value – from hosting personal growth challenge book clubs, to bringing in experts to train on selling in Facebook Marketplace or low-risk crypto investing, to developing an ever-expanding Rainmaker marketplace for you to stack new skills like trademarking for brand registry or creating products for Kindle Direct Publishing. Other Rainmakers are always sharing new tips and tricks as well – the power of community is exponential, and one little nugget can change your life.

The Rainmaker Challenge community is hella supportive!

3. The Rainmaker Family can always find a way!

Many Rainmakers are homeschooling moms and families, or parents who want to be able to be home with their kids, and many have already successfully accomplished that, or even enabled their spouse to quite a 9-5. We already both worked from home prior to joining the Rainmaker Challenge, but it’s been cool for our kids to see a bit of the process of making our own products, and we’re starting to get them more involved in ways they can help, like with creating content and packaging our newest product.

how to work from home and make passive income through the rainmaker challenge

How to Join the Rainmaker Challenge (Promo Code?)

With all the training and bonuses already part of the challenge (including 183+ tested product ideas), it’s already a steal at only 47 dollars. Not to mention, you can get a refund if you don’t already feel you’ve gotten way more than your money’s worth on the first day. I don’t currently have a promo code for the Rainmaker Challenge, however, we do offer $100 scholarship if you want to join the Rainmaker Mastermind and we can verify that you’ve used our link to join the challenge. (please contact us to fulfill, paid 60 days after joining the Mastermind)

There are special fun aspects of the LIVE Rainmaker Challenge, like prizes and better interaction, but I totally recommend joining the on-demand challenge if you’re ready to get started because you’ll automatically have access to the live challenges after that anyway. Plus, there’s lots of stuff going on in the Rainmaker Family Group/Passive Income Training Community you’ll be able to take advantage of sooner.

A word of caution about Amazon FBA...

Please don't go into a bunch of debt to join the Rainmaker Mastermind or fund inventory for your initial products, even if you do a DFY (done-for-you) product, thinking success is guaranteed. While debt can be seen as a tool or a type of investment in your future, there's a ton of learning on the front end of something like this, and we wouldn't personally advise anyone to go all in with debt on the practice stage.

You are bound to run into some sort of obstacles, set-backs, market changes, etc. in this journey, which will need the "how can I?" mindset they teach in the program, and you don't need the stress and discouragement of a bunch of debt hanging over your head as an additional obstacle.

Large risk, large reward may be true, but most people do better starting off small and building wins!

Put in your practice time with smaller/low inventory products or KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing - NO inventory) to learn the ropes and mitigate the risk with some experience under your belt.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Rainmaker Challenge and Rainmaker Academy

Is the Rainmaker Challenge a scam or is the Rainmaker Challenge legitimate?

Honestly, if you want to join the Rainmaker Challenge to only learn about selling on Amazon, you might be in for a surprise. Even during the 7-day challenge, Stephen & Chelsey showcase the importance of mindset and reveal some quick money-wins that could help fund your Amazon FBA business. It’s never going to only be about Amazon, because being a Rainmaker goes beyond that to creating an abundant mindset and lifestyle of freedom for your own family and extending to impact others’ lives also.

Is what you learn in the Rainmaker Challenge enough to launch your own Amazon product or Amazon business?

Short answer: technically, yes. People can and do successfully launch products straight out of the challenge, even a 7-figure business!

Long answer: Stephen & Chelsey not only give you the basic information during the Rainmaker 7 Day Challenge that you need to create and launch your own Amazon product and Amazon business, but they also take you through discovery exercises to help lay a good mindset foundation to build on in order to keep going and succeed. If you’re a motivated self-starter, you’ll have the tools you need from the challenge. If you understand and appreciate the value of community and mentorship, however, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the added opportunity they offer for that. There are many people who go through the challenge and for whatever reason don’t get around to actually putting what they learn into practice on their own.

What are the next steps after going through the Rainmaker Challenge?

When the challenge ends, you’ll still have access to the Rainmaker Family Group/Passive Income Training Community where people continue to bounce ideas off of each other and help each other in growing their businesses. Stephen & Chelsey also regularly add new support and bring in new training and opportunities to help with funding or other next steps.

In addition to the Rainmaker Family Group, you’ll have several options:

  1. For 14 days you can go through the challenge videos, and if you didn’t purchase lifetime access to the training, you can use your notes after that to go through the steps for creating your own business and having products manufactured.
  2. If you do have lifetime access to the trainings, you may want to refer back to them at your own pace or possibly have someone else go through them to work with you.
  3. There’s a good chance you will want to continue on with the Rainmakers Mastermind group to get access to even more training and support – the fast-track, if you will.

What does it cost to launch a product through the Rainmaker Challenge?

There’s no hard and fast answer to this question, but I can tell you that there are ways to launch products for zero up-front inventory cost. People also invest several hundred, or thousands of dollars in start-up inventory. The good news is that you can choose something that will work for your situation, and you will learn ways to create the money you need!

Is the Rainmaker Challenge too good to be true?

It’s easy to be cynical because of all the programs out there that over-promise and under-deliver, but there’s an abundance of evidence in the form of many people’s personal experiences that the Rainmaker Challenge is not one of those. I’m not gonna lie, though, it does take work. It’s not a magical rainbow unicorn that just drops money in your lap. There *will* be difficulties and discouragements along the way. But there will also be support and fun and excitement and renewed hope and wins! We’d love to see you in there 🙂

Does the 7-Day Rainmaker Challenge have a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a risk-free money-back guarantee if you feel like you haven't gotten at least 10X your investment in money-making content, ideas, and instructions by the end of Day 2. The Rainmaker Family is "committed to empowering you and ensuring you feel confident in making a positive change for your family."


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