Our Ketogenic Diet Results: How to Not Starve While Losing Weight

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Last updated April 7, 2017

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We experimented with the ketogenic diet earlier this year, and so we’re sharing our ketogenic diet results here.

What is a ketogenic diet? Ketosis Explained

We love starchy and sugary foods not only because they’re delicious, but also because they give us quick and easy energy. Unfortunately, it’s “cheap energy” that easily gets stored as fat.

The body’s natural solution to get rid of excess fat is called ketosis, in which the body uses fat rather than sugar and starch as energy. The way it’s triggered is by switching to a balanced diet of increased healthy fats, as well as protein and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, and low in carbs.

Ok, so that sounds simple enough, right?

The thing is, you have to get your balance of fats, proteins, and carbs right, in order for you body to stay in the fat burning state. That honestly seems like a pain in the butt to me.


…you can figure out the right combination of macros in a way that really flows with your lifestyle in a VERY practical way.

So why do people bother with ketogenic diets?

This video does a great job of succinctly explaining key aspects and benefits of a ketogenic diet.

Here’s how we felt about our ketogenic diet results:

I highly doubt we got into any sort of extended ketosis in the short time and hacked way we experimented with eating more fats, much lower carbs, and moderate protein, but we still experienced various benefits.

We determined that ketogenic diets work really well for satiety. We did feel more cramped in our eating, but that was because we didn’t have the time to figure out how to create a really good menu. Other than that, we didn’t even feel like we were “dieting” because we were full and didn’t really have cravings.

We both felt more alert and “clear”.

I lost 5 pounds in that two-week experiment and felt so much better overall!

We plan to create our own personalized version of a ketogenic diet, which can’t really be called ketogenic, but will utilize some of the principles. We also want to draw from a few other sources to make it the most practical for us for the long-term.

Why Ketogenic Diets Might Not Work for You

One couple's ketogenic diet results - how to lose weight without starving.I’m doing a ketogenic diet and it’s not working and I don’t know why.”

  1. Using keto sticks to measure your body’s state of energy burning isn’t very accurate. Drinking lots of water dilutes your reading, and being dehydrated also gives an inaccurate reading. You may have high glucose and high ketones, which is a bad environment.
  2. Unstable glucose levels aren’t good for your body. The best way to stay stable is reading your glucose with a glucometer.
  3. Eating too much protein will kick you out of ketosis. It’s individually based, but 70-80 grams is a general idea.
  4. Going ape on food, thinking  you’re fine as long as you don’t eat carbs won’t work. You don’t have to count calories, but you do need to be conscious of what you’re eating.
  5. Another mistake people make is not eating enough fat. Eating good fats keeps your energy up and helps you feel full.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can find many ketogenic diet reviews on YouTube with a lot of great results.

(As always, you can find sources and “evidence” to support every opinion out there, so at the end of the day we each really have to go with what we feel is most credible.)

Your health isn’t something to mess around with, definitely do a lot more research before attempting anything. We like the balanced approach of Fat Fueled. This also seems like a well-balanced approach.

How to finally conquer eating healthy on a budget: a smarter healthy - real, easy, fun

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