living a fragmented life

By Tico+Tina

Last updated January 13, 2014

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Dear van: come out, come out, wherever you are!

Dear please stop screwing with our project, you are making us want to quit you.

Dear project management: can you please manage yourself?

Dear Blank Canvas Tour team: you are simply AWESOME!!!

Dear readers of this blog: don’t forget to check out the business/travel blog – it’s got all of our vlogs and whatnot, great for a watch while you snarf down your lunch or something. if you enjoy getting into the inner workings of our weirdness. because sometimes Krista raps-ish. I can only imagine what all craziness is about to go down over there in the next few months… we’ll continue to post our more personal stuff here, though. thanks to Nikkiana for telling us about the feed being screwy over there, though – gotta get that sorted!

Dear children: thanks for being sort of patient with us as we’re getting all this ready to go. we heart you.

Dear public: I’m sorry that you sometimes “get to” overhear mine and Mr. D’s sarcastic discussions – working on stuff like this can sometimes tend to bring out the less admirable qualities in people and relationships. we really do love each other and work well together – we’re just figuring out how that works in public and as part of a team. our realness might sometimes be a little embarrassing, though…

Dear Jeff & Julie: we LOVED getting to meet you guys and get to know you a tiny bit last week. hopefully we can do it again sometime, somewhere, in some capacity 🙂 yay! we survived our first real life meeting of internet peeps.

Dear blog: I want to redesign you so hard! WHEN?!

Dear million and one projects: please organize yourselves and delegate. hmm, this is sort of a repeat of #3. can you tell what is on my mind right now?

so yeah.

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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