October 27


Living with More Style Than Cash

By TicoandTina

October 27, 2014

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I love the name of Ingrid Talpak’s show, Living with More Style Than Cash, because it fits us so well 🙂

Not long ago, Ingrid contacted us and asked to interview us on her show, and although we weren’t sure if we’d have a faint clue what to say, we agreed to be guests.

Well for better or for worse, it’s up, and on my birthday no less! If you want something to listen to while doing dishes, cleaning your house, mowing the lawn, whatever, and also want to hear some bits and pieces of our journey toward minimalism, check it out on WebTalkRadio or iTunes.

How to finally conquer eating healthy on a budget: a smarter healthy - real, easy, fun

Exploring Minimalism

Want to explore more of what it means to be minimalist and the resulting space and freedom it creates in your life? Let’s take simple living from something you wish for to something you actually do!

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We believe that you were made for greatness and that you don't need to wait for "someday" to start living it. We want to help you revitalize your "now" while also planning for a better "later". What needs to be streamlined in your life to make room for greatness? We keep it real here because let’s face it, we’re not all models and life is not a movie where everything wraps up into neat little packages in 90 minutes. Plus, laughing is one of our favorite activities.

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