9+ Awesome Space-Saving Furniture Designs

By Tico+Tina

Last updated September 26, 2022

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There are some really, really great space-saving furniture designs for any small space out there that just make you wonder why your furniture is so incredibly base.

Resource Furniture has some beautifully versatile designs that would fit well even in conventional-style/size homes. Here is only a very small sample of what they offer.

The Goliath Table transforms from a small side table to a full-size dining table that fits up to 12 people.

Space-Saving Furniture Resource Furniture goliath table - small living space design, spcae-saving furniture, minimalist living space, minimalism, multifunctional furniture

The Bellagio can be an unassuming coffee table, or a great work space.

Space-Saving Furniture Resource Furniture coffee table - small living space design, space-saving furniture, minimalism, minimalist living space, multifunctional furniture

The Hexa Table is an expanding work space that would also make a great crafting space for kids.Space-Saving Furniture Resource Furniture hexa table - multifunctional furniture, space-saving furniture, minimalist living space, small space design, minimalism, simple living

The Poppi Desk is also a bed.Space-Saving Furniture Resource Furniture poppi desk - multifunctional furniture, space-saving furniture, minimalist living space, small space design, minimalism

Cubista has got to be my favorite multifunctional seating – a great ottoman that turns into seating for not 2 or 3, but 5!Space-Saving Furniture Resource Furniture ottoman stool - minimalist living space, space-saving furniture, small space design, minimalism, multifunctional furniture

This custom-built table/murphy bed designed by General Assembly has some similarities to those above, but is definitely its own.

Space-Saving Furniture space-saving design by General Assembly - minimalism, minimalist living space, small space design, space-saving furniture, multifunctional furniture

This space-saving couch with extra seating and table is by Matthew Pauk, and I don’t know that it’s for sale anywhere, but so sleek…

Space-Saving Furniture modular sofa designed by Matthew Pauk - space-saving furniture, multifunctional furniture, minimalist living space, small space design, minimalism, simple living

Matroshka Furniture is such a great design – basically everything you need for daily use tucked away in one piece of furniture!

Space-Saving Furniture all-in-one bed, table, couch, study space - small space design, space-saving furniture | minimalism, simple living, minimalist living space

Living Cube is probably one of my favorite things ever. I’ve seen various small living spaces utilizing something similar, but they were likely custom built. Granted, I would probably want David to try to custom build something like this for us, too, but if we had the cash I’d snatch one of these up in a heartbeat.

Space-Saving Furniture Living Cube space-saving furniture design - multifunctional furniture for small living spaces, minimalist living space, minimalism, simple living

See it in action here.

Does seeing some of these possibilities intrigue you?

Check out our tiny house post, too, for inspiration from people living in under 250 sq ft!

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