October 6


Why YOU Need “church”, Yes, You

By TicoandTina

October 6, 2013

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This is not a religious post.

Let’s just get that out of the way right now.


It IS about how life is not meant to be lived alone. How in the midst of embracing “life in beta”, it’s even all the more important to do “church”.

There are a couple definitions of the word, but for the purposes of my illustration I’m subscribing my own definition.

church: a meeting together of individuals who share similar beliefs, care about and encourage one another, and desire to be held accountable and inspire growth in each other

Although there are various spiritual aspects left out in this definition, by and large this is what “church” means to me.

Church is fellowship. Church is connectedness. Church is grounding.

Sometimes church kicks your butt. Sometimes church pushes you out.

Church should always move you forward…

But as with most things in life, church is what we put into it.

>>>Spiritual cutaway

Today in church our pastor mentioned that the biggest goal in meeting together should be to encounter God. Further discussion in Sunday school left me feeling like in a very practical sense that as Christians, in our interactions with people, our goal should be that they go away from us feeling like they’ve been to church (i.e. had a God encounter, not been inundated by religion and bored half to sleep ;)).

back to all-inclusive applicability<<<

Twice today I felt like I had been to church – and neither time was in a service, though both happened to occur in a church building. Going to church almost always involves venturing out of your bubble – it takes effort and isn’t often all that convenient. But what good in life isn’t a bit inconvenient?

When you’re living a bit by trial and error, staying flexible to learn and grow and adapt – and giving yourself grace for the in betweenness of it all, you need others who will extend that same grace. Others who will challenge you, walk with you, advise you. And yes, others whose lives you can speak into as well so that you don’t become so self-focused that you stagnate. You need sojourners…

Do you “do church”? Why or why not?

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